List of Proven Paying Money Making Apps 2021

IT People Blog – Is it true that you can earn money from an app? Yes, it is true that there are several applications that offer this advantage to their users. You can earn just from an app. Indeed, not all of these money-making applications provide cash, but there are those that provide benefits through coins with a certain minimum amount to be able to exchange.

There are also applications that provide cashback for users who download certain applications and enter a referral code or invitation code. Currently, there are many applications that can give you benefits, one of which is coins that can be exchanged for money via e-wallet such as DANA, LinkAja, GoPay, PayPal, and others.

Curious about which applications provide real money benefits for their users?

The following is a list of interesting applications that are proven to provide benefits for their users.

1. Neo+ app

Neo+ is one of the money-making applications that can give you money through a referral code. If you register using a referral code you will get money.. keep it simple?

Neo+ app

To withdraw it, you can use a digital wallet application in the form of Dana. The method is very easy, let’s just follow the following method.

First, download the Neo+ app via Google Playstore. Also make sure you already have an ID card, don’t use someone else’s ID card, use your own ID card to register. Besides your ID card… you also need to write down your mobile number.

Second, make sure you have received a referral code so that you can get an initial bonus of Rp. 15 thousand rupiah. You can get this balance from the invitation code, you can get it through certain small change communities that have a referral code.

Third, after entering the code there is a menu to send the OTP code. Make sure the number you include is an active number so it can be contacted via text message. OTP code will be sent via SMS. Next, the user just needs to enter the OTP code. Remember, do not give this OTP code to anyone.

Fourth, click the list of money-making applications now and then fill in the required identity information. After that choose to open an account. Then enter the referral code again and enter your KTP. After entering your identity and ID card, there will be a facial verification that is used to match the face with the one on the ID card.

2. ClipClaps App

ClipClaps is an application that has been proven to be able to withdraw money through digital wallets, namely OVO, DANA, and Gopay. This application in addition to offering entertainment by watching, uploading and sharing funny videos that are here you can earn cash.

ClipClaps App

It’s not much different from the Snack Video application or TikTok which provides videos for the audience. However, the difference is that at ClipClaps you can get millions of rupiah in prizes from these various activities. Not only that, you also have the opportunity to win shopping coupons from Amazon and there are even prizes in the form of electric pulses. To be able to enjoy the benefits you can follow the steps below.

First, download the ClipClaps money-making application on your Google Play Store or App Store. Next, you can open the application and register. Well, for registration you can use an active number, Facebook, or e-mail. You can choose whichever is the best option for registering.

Second, fill in all the required details. At this registration stage, you just need to follow the instructions given to fill in the complete data. When finished, you are required to choose the genre of content that will appear on the homepage of this application. Then, you will be taken to the application homepage and can claim the first prize at the bottom. Claim the rewards you get on the same page.

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Now, to be able to get an additional prize of $ 1, click the Rewards menu and then Redeem on the menu in the upper right corner of the screen. Next you will be asked to enter a code to be able to take the prize. This money-making application can withdraw money when it reaches $125 through various payment methods supported by the application.

3. AFunflip app

There is also the Funflip application which has a working system that is almost the same as the news reading application. Here you collect coins from the results of reading news activities, then collect them to be exchanged for cash. You can exchange these coins into a digital wallet balance or via bank transfer.

Funflip App

This application is fairly new, of course, a new application has many missions and many bonuses for its users. This is a great opportunity for those of you who want to get entertained and save coins on Funflip. For those of you who are interested, let’s just follow these steps to register.

First, download this FunFlip app on your Google Play Store. Once downloaded, you can directly register your account here. Before signing up for the money making app, FunFlip will ask you to choose three content that you like to display on your home page.

Second, after the selection stage is complete you are asked to agree to the terms and conditions that apply in this FunFlip application. Before agreeing to it make sure you read it carefully. So if it’s not to your liking it can be cancelled.

Third, register by clicking the profile menu. If you haven’t registered yet, you will be presented with several options, namely registering using a Facebook or Google account. You can choose one to activate your account.

Fourth, if you get an invitation code you can redeem and get the prize by entering the invitation code. Usually this code is given in popular social media accounts and offers the use of this application.

Well, after the registration process for the money-making application is complete you can collect money through the coins you get after completing missions. The basic task of this game is to read the news, every time you finish reading you will get a different amount of coins. This depends on the duration of reading in one news.

4. Premier League (MPL) Mobile Application

MPL is a game application that is quite interesting, by playing it you can get additional income. This application was developed by Crevise Technologies Private Limited which provides a variety of game offerings and various genres. Who doesn’t want to earn money just by playing games?

Premier League Mobile App

In addition to playing the game and earning money, you can also join a team to take part in various interesting event offers with fairly large prizes. There are lots of bonuses provided during the event, you have the opportunity to win shopping vouchers at Tokopedia of up to hundreds of thousands too. For those of you who are interested, here are the steps to play MPL.

First, make sure you already have the app, if you haven’t already, download the app on Google Playstore. Next, register using a new account or use your existing Gojek account.

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Second, after successfully registering you can enter the invitation code if you have it to be able to claim the prize. If you don’t have it, you can collect money by playing various games and participating in events that take place.

Well, those are some apps that you can try to earn extra money by playing money-making apps. Some of the applications above use referral codes to be able to get additional money easily and faster. Immediately play the application and get the benefits.



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