List of Best PDF Editing Apps 2022

IT People Blog – Online and offline PDF editing applications are currently very easy to find and have been developed by various developers. Here’s a list of the best 2022 PDF editing applications that can be an option for you to edit files with that format.

Best PDF Editing Apps 2022

Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is an application that offers several interesting features. You can add, select, underline, strike out text, and many other things here.

However, you cannot delete existing text. You can also edit document files and PDF formats safely.

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Another application that can be used to edit PDF text is Inkscape. There are several features offered by this application, one of which is the ability to insert and delete images in PDF files. You can also change the format of the text in the file.

It includes a free vector graphics editor application that can also be used as a free and complete PDF editing application. Inkscape is also available in portable form (its version).

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PDF Eraser

PDF Eraser also includes a free PDF editing application. You can add text, highlight sections and add watermarks to PDF files easily.

This application can be used to delete text and also add images in the file. PDF Eraser also has quite interesting features, one of which is the undo (undo) feature.

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PDF – XChange Viewer

PDF application – Xchange Viewer is a PDF editing application that can be used to manipulate and display PDF files. This application is a software to read PDF files for free and is equipped with various simple features such as notes, text, and annotations.

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Smallpdf is a free online-based application that offers quite interesting features. This application is fairly simple with the advantage of being able to add pages or compress PDF documents. There is no file size limit in this application, but you can only use 2 files per day or you can use a VPN to reset the usage limit.

There are tools to convert each file to PDF to other formats such as Excel, JPEG, Word, and PowerPoint. There are also tools for adding signatures like those available in the Apple Preview app on Mac. This app can be used without any restrictions by upgrading to the Pro plan.

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PDF Candy

PDF Candy is an online and free PDF editing application. This app provides solutions for compressing, merging, rearranging pages, splitting pages, and much more.

You can merge multiple PDF files into one with this application. The PDF Candy application is also equipped with tools to add watermarks, edit metadata, protect PDF files with a passcode, and much more.

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PDF Escape

PDF Escape is an online PDF editor application that is very easy to use for anyone via a browser. You can use it directly without the need to download the application first. This application has a maximum file size limit of 10 MB.

PDF Escape offers many interesting features. You can add and delete pages, crop and rotate images, add sticky notes, edit and strikethrough text, and lock and encrypt document files in this application.

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Adobe Online PDF Editor

This application offers direct editing with high features and is recommended for professionals who work with PDF files on a daily basis.

This Adobe Online PDF Editor is perfect for confidential documents using Adobe Acrobat. You can leave edits and comments on the edited PDF file in a pinch.

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Apache OpenOffice – Draw

Apache OpenOffice is an offline PDF editing application that has various features. You can edit PDF files easily here, just like in Word files. Use the “Export as PDF” function in the file menu to save the file you have edited.

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The next online PDF editing application is FormSwift. The app offers options for uploading and editing files, and there’s a large library of legal businesses. You can download business documents (such as business meeting minutes) in the library as PDF files or Word files.

If you want to do editing using this application, it is quite easy. Drag the file you want to edit into the browser. You can use the FormSwift tool to add new images and text, edit, highlight, delete existing text, and sign uploaded documents.

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Apple Preview

The Apple Preview app is only available in every version of macOS, including macOS BIG Sur. This application is a PDF editing application that can also be used to edit images. This platform supports all image files. There is a feature to add text and form notes to the document here.

The app also has a “Signature” tool that you can use to take a signature using a tablet, Mac, or trackpad. This application is a recommendation for academics to sign PDF files online.


The AbleWord application is one of the most popular applications that can be used to read and edit documents including PDFs. This application offers many interesting features and supports image formats, tables, headers and footers, including spell checking and a “print preview” function.

AbleWord can be used to edit several types of files, namely Microsoft Word (doc, docx), Adobe PDF (pdf), Rich Text (rtf), Plain Text (txt), and HTML (html, htm). AbleWord is an offline PDF editing application, and you can use it even if you are not connected to the internet

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PDF Element

PDF Element is a full-featured PDF editor. This app is paid, but for new users there is a free trial period that comes with basic editing solutions. The paid version of PDF Element offers features that are worth the price.

Features in PDF Element include editing, annotating, filling out forms, converting PDF files to other formats, and adding signatures. In addition, you can also edit text, delete, add, extract images from PDF, remove and edit watermarks, and so on.

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LibreOffice – Draw

This application has many features that can be used as a PDF editor. To save, select the format in the form you need, and the file will be saved in ODG (image file) format if you don’t make any settings.

This application is included as a free and complete PDF editing application. This makes it highly recommended for you.

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Those are some PDF editing applications that can be an option for you. Each application has its own advantages, both in terms of ease of access (offline or online), free access, and features that complement it.

You can use the application that suits your needs. First, read and understand the terms and policies contained in each of these applications.


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