Life Quarter Crisis Occurs During

Life Quarter Crisis Occurs During – how old are you in early adulthood? – Life Quarter Crisis Occurs at the age of 20-30 years, where a person is busy thinking about something that is happening in his life. Like thinking about what you will do today or tomorrow.

Have you ever asked yourself that your job doesn’t match your passion? Or the college major you took did not meet your expectations? Do you even doubt your future success? Certainly not.

Then most likely you are in the “quarter life crisis” phase, aka the self-discovery phase.

Life Quarter Crisis Occurs During

According to Robbins and Wilner psychologists, the “QLC” phase is the phase where a person chooses how he or she fits in society

Now for this adjustment, you need to experience a maturation process. When you gather with family or relatives there must be one member who asks when do you work? When did you get married? And what’s even more extreme is when they compare you to other people’s success

As a result of the demands given by the people closest to you will definitely make you feel insecure, skeptical, and ovt. You don’t have to blame someone for the demands they make

Actually, these demands are a natural thing in everyday life with these demands you will start to think and mature yourself. In the process of self-maturation, it will not always run smoothly, you will find a phase to give up and even despair.

Naturally, someone is able to pass this “QLC” phase well but sometimes they fail. One of the best ways to get past the “QLC” phase is to accept reality. You can accept the reality that happens if you apply the Taoist philosophy.

This Taoist philosophy teaches one to follow the flow of his life according to the destiny of the universe. that way a person will more easily accept reality and know himself.

A short example when you feel bored with your activities for 1 week then all you have to do is take a vacation or just take a walk.

In this “QLC” phase, it’s quite slow because everything needs a process, it looks like it’s easy but in reality it’s definitely difficult, be patient, everyone has a different time in the “QLC” phase, some are enough 5 years, 8 years, even 10 years

In the end, after you go through the “Quarter Life Crisis” phase, hopefully you will become a tough person and better than before, amen 🙂

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