Latest Ninja Legends Mod Apk Full Features

Ninja Legends Mod Apk Full Features No Cooldown 20,000 Damage Latest – The first time I played, this game brought memories or childhood memories when I played the Ninja legends game which was still on Facebook at that time.

Childhood is the most beautiful time, full of memories. As we get older, the more memories we miss from those happy times.

Many people are sad to hear the news of Ninja legends farewell on Facebook. As previously mentioned, this game has a lot of memories. It can even be said that Legend of Ninja is a “gateway” for many Indonesian children to play social media and have a deeper understanding of online games.

Ninja Legends Mod Apk

In short, Legend of Ninja is one of the reasons why many people create their own Facebook accounts. As we all know, this game does require us to have a Facebook account to play. When it first appeared, the internet cafe was often crowded with children playing this game. After many other games that exist and are popular, Ninja Legends is starting to be abandoned. Call it Point Blank and Lost legends

Almost everyone is excited to create their own ninja character. Use various legendary items to make characters stronger to change the look of their ninja faces. By the way, this game is also about the card system. This makes many people addicted to playing Ninja Legends.

Another thing that many Ninja Legend children played at that time was the battle system with other players. Because this game is connected to Facebook, the character of our friends on Facebook will automatically appear in this game. The game starts here. In fact, Legend of Ninja never needs you to do errands every day. You can also challenge your friends’ characters to fight. If we beat our friends in that battle, there will be a sense of pride.

Well, after winning, our friends usually do the same. Due to the constant competition and ambition to win, many people focus on playing this game to improve their character and become number one among other ninjas. Sometimes, this competition will continue into the real world. Well, those are some memories when we played Legend of Ninja. How do you remember the fun of playing this game? Rice

If you want to play this game, you must be prepared with “errors”, because this is still a beta version, not the final version, so it will be updated and updated continuously.

Although it is still profitable to play before January 1, 2022.

Because we will get:

1000 tokens


Cool outfit (wind ninja outfit)

Level 20 Sword (Yami Kadesada)

Rear Item (Wind Sharin)


And others

This game can be played on an Android phone or on a computer.

Indeed, there are still many bugs, not all functions are unlocked, but at least it can be a game that can fill spare time as well as flash back to the past.

It is said that the game will be released in early 2022 and present the Zhongnin exam.

Latest Ninja Legends Mod Apk Full Features


– All Skills have 18000 Damage

– Basic Attack has 32000 Damage

– No Cooldown Skill

Ninja Legends Mod APK

Servers 2


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