Latest Collection of Certified Free Online Training Courses

Collection of the Best Certified Free Online Training Courses and the Best Certified Online Free Courses – What skills would you like to have? Yes, that’s what you built. There are lots of free courses on ig, actually, or try to find info on twitter sometimes there are. At that time Kominfo also opened a free course with various fields, free and got certificates + quota. Looking for a lot of info is the key

Yes, there are lots of free courses. one of these channels. This is an English channel, and I think it’s really worth it if you want to learn. I learned digital marketing from here, wow. It’s not just Digimar, if you want to learn data science, they also have them! Very good.

There are lots of free courses, if you want to learn English, there’s Duolingo, YouTube. course games.

all skills can be learned on youtube, pls, times are getting more sophisticated, it’s just you who want to explore or not. if it’s safe to buy quota, or even wifi, you can.

Many on YouTube are free. a month is free too much really. Even if you want to be pirated, go back to each of my friends, some of my friends have been downloading pirated videos from the start, but finally got the chance to get a job and just bought the official course. I personally don’t encourage pirated

There is another free course called coursera. I learned all the skills from there and got a certificate if I finished the quiz before the deadline. It just takes effort to understand because everything is in English

Even if you are only a participant. what is important later is how you elaborate your experience into the world of work.

Upgrade skills! Google “most wanted skills”, mostly digital. The method? If you have a fee, you can look for a paid course. If you want it for free, it’s a lot.

Are there free benefit courses?

This benefit will benefit you, because you can take the course for free to upgrade your skills even further

For the RevoU Mini Course (FREE), he uses discord, then uses YouTube streaming and asks questions via chat and discord. The second week there are those who use zoom too. There is a practical task to add to the project portfolio because recruiters usually don’t only see certificates

The mini course is quite busy because it’s free and everyone can join. There is an e-certificate if you pass the exam (the questions are related to the material during the Mini Course). The practical assignments are different for each batch, but I don’t even make a video.

Mini Course RevoU is free for 2 weeks + not only theory, but there is practice to add to your portfolio so that recruiters will get more attention

List of quality FREE COURSE from those who don’t just watch videos. There is a practice + case study / project for your portfolio material

Latest Collection of Certified Free Online Training Courses

*100% All Free

1. Google Project Management

The material is exactly like in the paid coursera, only there is no quiz


2. Google UX Design

This is also the material on the coursera, exactly. Be taught to make a portfolio too


3. Simplilearn Digital Marketing++

Many other course topics also start from data science, analytics, leadership, etc. There is a live webinar every week


4. Google Data Analytics

Coursera material is also taught, basic research, R programming, and basic SQL


5. Kaggle Data Science

This is the place where data scientists and analysts gather, while learning can also network and ask questions. Free and there is a certificate


6. Google Analytics Academy

To support skills in digital marketing, social media specialist


7. Google Ads Certification

Suitable for those who want to dive into digital marketing, performance marketing


8. Coursera almost all courses

Check if there is a “Financial Aid” option on the course. If there is, click it. Can apply up to max. 10 courses. Wait for approval for about 2 weeks. The course completion limit is only 6 months, then it can’t be accessed


You can follow this coursera essay entry:

Make sure that every applied course is completed within 6 months, so that the next time you ask for financial aid, it will be approved again

9. Android Basic Kotlin

For those who are interested in becoming a software developer



Since there are a lot of people on Twitter, my advice is that you also follow people who like to talk about the topic. Let’s stay motivated and make connections

Next, I will make recommendations for users who often discuss UI/UX, programming, digital marketing, careers, etc

10. Freecodecamp

Those who want to learn programming. There are materials + challenge front end, back end, python, infosec, practice tech interview. Free, lots of alumni too


11. HubSpot Academy (Marketing, Sales)

Free certification in the fields of email marketing, SEO, content marketing, sales, social media, reporting, etc.


12. Khan Academy

Here, it’s not just elementary-junior-high school material. There are several subject matter for storytelling, computer science, cryptography, macro & microeconomics


13. Studio Binder (Filmmaking)

For those who want to work on TV, YouTube, make films, write scripts, videographers. Free, get a worksheet too. You can also watch Peter McKinnon’s YT channel, DSLRguide


14. Udemy & Coursera Copywriting

Take udemy for basic copywriting. Coursera creates more comprehensive copywriting material. Apply coursera using financial aid so it can be free



15. Ms. Excel (Basic & case studies)

There’s also a lot of basic excel on youtube. So, in practice, see Mas @adambrotowijono’s case study on his channel


Case studies:

If you look at the info from Twitter about industrial competition, I’m really grateful that I actually got the opportunity for free courses and bootcamps from anywhere, now what must be strengthened is commitment and responsibility.

After graduation, you can:

-Maintain connections with campus alumni to get job information

-Get close to the lecturer for a project splash

-Start making badass portfolios while developing skills slowly

-Participate in free webinars/seminars

cv is just a cv if the technical test can’t be highlighted. but it’s okay to be enthusiastic, there are already many free certified courses, there are also government-funded ICT certifications, try checking on the IGnya Kominfo already has a lot (although there are also many competitors)

Multiple portfolios every day. So day by day it is filled with busyness for upgrading skills. How come there are many courses on youtube or anywhere for skill upgrades, and it’s free

There are lots of free courses on the internet. A few tips, if you are confused about what skills to improve, just English skills first. At least reading, because that way you can reach more tutorials or courses

A Collection of the Best Certified Online Free Training Courses


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