Implement a simple lifestyle to achieve happiness

Everyone’s life needs are definitely different, although the basic basic needs are the same, but in modern times like today people are starting to try to fulfill tertiary needs in order to maintain their existence amidst the influence of globalization. Life today is more complex and not as simple as it used to be

In the end, fulfilling self-satisfaction will never end, even though you have spent your monthly paycheck and owe it to SPay Later, it is not enough to give you a sense of happiness because it is always lacking.

A simple lifestyle is generally owned by people with limited financial capabilities and those who are wise in managing expenses. Although many also think a simple lifestyle means not enjoying life and approaching stingy / stingy

In fact, a simple lifestyle is more concerned with primary and tertiary needs according to one’s financial capabilities. We need to learn to determine priority needs and unimportant needs

Adopt a simple lifestyle

Here are tips for implementing a simple lifestyle to achieve happiness

1. Reducing consumptive behavior

If you behave excessively consumptive should be reduced gradually and learn how to restrain yourself .. after all, not all items purchased in the end is really needed

Consumptive habits will encourage a lifestyle according to desires instead of prioritizing needs. Every now and then it’s okay to look hedonistic and look beautiful but you don’t have to buy as many branded watches and accessories as possible?

2. Don’t obey prestige

Reflecting on other people’s lives to follow trends and prestige is the same as torturing yourself, especially if your financial abilities are very different.

There are many accessories with well-known brands and do not fit into your pocket. After all, life doesn’t feel calm even though you wear branded accessories but at the same time you are also being chased by the obligation to pay SPAY Later credits at the same time.

Instead of following prestige, it’s better to invest and save, who knows in the next few years the value of your investment will increase and give you many times the profit

3. Focus on achieving yourself

You don’t need to compare your own achievements with others because everyone gets their own achievements according to their hard work and prayers

If you want to measure the achievements of life, try to compare yourself today with yourself a few years ago. If there is an increase you need to be grateful and multiply alms

The habit of alms in addition to helping others, fostering feelings of empathy also launches fortune according to the promise of Allah SWT in the Al-Quran (Surat Al-Baqarah: 261, QS. At-Taubah: 99,…) and Al-Hadith

There’s no need to be busy comparing yourself to others, it’s not good because it fosters an insecure attitude or even arrogant to feel that he is the best. You should feel happy because you can be better than the version of yourself 1-2 years ago

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4. Remove unnecessary small expenses

Signs we realize that there are many small expenses that we don’t really need, but we spend unconsciously. For example; idly filling up Shopee Pay balances and then shopping for thousand items even though the shipping costs can be more expensive than the price of these items, subscribing to premium youtube services even though by installing the adblock extension, ads will not appear when we watch videos, streaming videos using data quota even though the wifi signal is affordable etc

Other examples of small expenses that don’t really need to be coffee at the shop during work breaks even though Aqua glasses from the office are free, buying mixed rice plus fried chicken plus liver gizzard even though the mixed rice menu already has shredded meat hehe

The expenditure that looks a little bit will eventually become a hill

5. Prioritize saving and investing

A simple lifestyle doesn’t mean you don’t buy anything. Set aside monthly income to save and invest then buy necessities that are really important.

Saving and investing can help meet future needs, cope with emergencies and defend assets against inflation

Many people save their money in Digital Banks such as Neo Bank which offers deposit interest of 6%/year, Seabank 7%/month or conventional banks in general.

How, after reading the article above, are you interested in living a simple lifestyle? wearing luxury brands to driving expensive cars feels useless if you are burdened with the obligation to pay off burdensome credit every month.


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