HP Andromax B SE at a price of 400 thousand in 2022, is it worth it?

This article discusses HP or Smartphone Andromax B SE (Special Edition) purchased from the marketplace in a used condition (second) along with the author’s experience of using smartphones for some time now. So this article is actually for personal experience in using Andromax, this allows subjective, but can be a reference for you before buying HP Andromax B SE in second form, gratefully you can get HP Andromax B SE which is still new, not refublished at a cheap price at multiple marketplaces.

You hope you can read this experience to the end. Although, this writing is still a mess hehehe…


This Andromax B SE (Special Edition) smartphone is an Android smartphone created by Smartfren in 2016 or 2017 with a limited edition, because this Andromax has much larger specifications than Andromax B only, namely 2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage so it can be used for a day. -day.


  • Screen Size: 4.5 inches.
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage : 16GB
  • Dual SIM (SIM 1 for Smartfren and SIM 2 for GSM)
  • Network: SIM 1 Supports 4G VoLTE and SIM 2 does not support 3G and 4G
  • Operating System: Android 6 (Marshmallow)
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 with Quad Core 1.1 GHz CPU.
  • Battery capacity 1950 mAH
  • Micro SD Slot up to 32 GB.
  • The rear and front cameras are 5 MP and auto focus on the rear camera.

In 2022, this Smartphone is not recommended if used for heavy games such as Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, and the like because it requires considerable performance if the application runs continuously, causing waste in battery usage.


The author himself bought this Andromax B SE HP in the form of second + Fullset (the accessories are not original from the box directly) around mid-April 2022 yesterday in one of the marketplaces at a price of 400 thousand (perhaps now the stock has run out).

The author provides some photos about Andromax B SE.

In the third picture, this Andromax B SE HP can only touch 2 fingers simultaneously through Multi Touch application testing, so it is not possible to use applications that require multiple finger touches simultaneously.

For problems at the beginning of checking the cellphone or smartphone, there are indeed some classic problems with cellphones or secondhand smartphones, such as wasteful batteries when using internet services continuously, which requires replacing a new battery if there is damage to the battery. In addition, this only applies subjectively in the sense that only the author has problems when using a cellphone or Andromax B SE smartphone, namely when plugging an audio jack such as a microphone or headset and the volume or voice increases without pressing the volume button.

The rest, there are no problems at all so far in using Andromax B SE in daily needs, both as a main cellphone and a second cellphone. If you are looking for a second or new cellphone or smartphone (if you are lucky) not refublished with great specifications but cheap, then this Andromax B SE can be your reference in buying the smartphone.


In this section, the author provides several targets / audiences / users who recommend buying or using the Andromax B SE smartphone in 2022 as follows:

  • Building a business or MSME with a low or modest budget to support the sale of a product or product promotion to social media or marketplaces.
  • Not for playing heavy games.
  • Hobby oprek custom ROM or software.
  • The need for communication such as chatting, telephone, SMS, video calls, and so on.
  • Learning needs for school or college children such as online learning, online meetings, online assignments, and so on.
  • Use of social media.
  • Content material for the content creator profession. ️
  • Adding old HP items or products so you can reminisce.


Almost all applications that are often used by the Indonesian people support such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Zoom Meeting, Google Class, WPS Office. However, the author does not recommend using an office application made by Microsoft, namely Microsoft Office on the Andromax B SE smartphone because of the slow performance of the application. You can see some photos in application usage below.

The author also lacks or does not recommend using heavy game applications such as Free Fire, Genshin Impact, and the like because it slows down the performance of the smartphone and is wasteful in battery usage.


This section discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using the Andromax B SE smartphone in a second condition from the initial purchase of a smartphone until now, namely:


  • Smartphones with fairly large specifications at a low price.
  • Support for the use of social media.
  • Support for the use of online learning.
  • Support for business needs.
  • The camera has an auto focus feature.
  • The GPU is pretty good because it uses Snapdragon.


  • SIM 1 only supports Smartphone cards.
  • Wasteful in battery usage when using internet services or multi-tasking.
  • Lack of support for playing heavy games.


If you want to buy an Andromax B SE smartphone in a second or new condition (if you are lucky) open refublished at a cheap price of around 400 thousand but the product stock has run out in several marketplaces, you can take an alternative smartphone product, namely Andromax R2 or Andromax E2+ with memory specifications You can check the RAM and storage for each smartphone yourself on Google, right.

Before you buy an Andromax smartphone of any type or series in a second condition, whether it’s just a bar or a full set, you can’t expect that the product will have 100% no problems with the smartphone, aka normal. If you are in doubt about the quality of the Andromax smartphone in a second condition, then you can buy it directly at the HP shop or the counter with a slightly higher price.


You want to find a second smartphone with great specifications but at a low price, then this Andromax B SE smartphone can be your choice in buying a second cellphone or smartphone for daily needs as long as it is not used to play heavy games. The author would like to state that buying a second hand cellphone or smartphone, whether it’s just a bar or a full set, can’t expect that the product will have 100% no problems with the smartphone, aka normal. So, you still have to be careful before buying a second cellphone or smartphone, especially Andromax B SE.

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