How Wings Group Fights Unilever

How Wings Group Fights Unilever – Wings & Unilever is an eternal rivalry in the Indonesian FMCG industry. However, Wings continues to follow Unilever, and it is proven that the sales are still good until now. wings are actually the masters of FMCG even though they seem to be following but the variety of products exceeds the leader and makes the leader nervous with price range and sales distribution, only time is left for Aqua, Unilever, coffee sachets, bottled drinks to be controlled

How Wings Group Fights Unilever

3 Wings strategies are still in demand by Unilever.

1. Innovation “analyser”

This analyzer is how brands focus on analyzing competitors to make products that are similar to competitors’ products.

Most of Unilever’s product lines are made by Wings. This strengthens them to continue to be market followers by targeting the low segment target.

2. Target low segment

Because of the analyzer earlier, Wings realized that some Unilever products were less affordable.

Finally, Wings makes products that are more affordable with sometimes better quality and quantity. Products like this are favored by the low segment, that’s why Wings is more focused there.

3. Focus on sales, not branding

Because many Unilever products are already top brands, Wings is aware that they will lose branding. However, Wings has no problem with that.

This can be seen from Wings being less massive in strengthening their branding and instead being more focused on increasing their sales.

By becoming a market follower, Wings has its own advantages. They can reduce the cost of market research because they only need to analyze competitors’ products.

In your opinion, which product is the most popular & widely purchased from Wings?


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