How Viral Marketing Works and Its Advantages and Disadvantages

IT People Blog – Viral marketing is a marketing method that is widely used by businesses today. This method is proven to be able to increase sales or conversions for large and small businesses to carry out the branding process better.

Learning viral marketing marketing methods is very important for those who have a profession as an online marketer. If you choose this profession, see the review below about the meaning and how viral marketing works

How Viral Marketing Works

Definition of Viral Marketing

Marketing by utilizing the viral concept has been around for years or maybe a long time ago. Like a virus that spreads easily and infects many people, this method is done to get such an effect.

Promotional content is created in such a way that it has the potential to go viral. If it has gone viral, the chances of it spreading and attracting the attention of many people will be high. In this process, the target market or other people will be the main “spreaders”. The scheme from one person to another

This concept actually emerged from habit word of mouth. The concept of spreading promotion by word of mouth is usually more quickly accepted because other people will believe it more. Instead of listening to it directly from television or maybe other media.

Because it is used for viral content, promotions are carried out by utilizing all existing social media including chain whatsapp, facebook, instagram, twitter etc. The media can be used to encourage good promotion and gain the curiosity of its users

This type of promotion is usually used by large companies by collaborating with several high-follower accounts. However, small companies can also do it because whether or not the content is viral, it can be manipulated

Viral Marketing Example

There are several examples of viral marketing that have been widely used in Indonesia. Generally large companies like Startup Unicorn. They do promotions in a unique way that grabs the attention of many people.

For example, by making billboards or large billboards with very simple content. Sometimes there is something behind so that people who see it become curious. Finally, they did a photo process on the billboard and distributed it.

This spread is what triggers the current conflict to go viral. Especially if the news is reposted by a large account that has millions of followers. The process to go viral will be faster and easier.

In addition to using billboards, which are quite expensive, there are also types of viral marketing in the form of articles or visuals. Because it was quite interesting, some people finally shared it until it was finally uploaded by a large following account.

The essence of viral marketing here is how to make something unique and ultimately viral because it is interesting to share again. If they can’t do it, some marketers will immediately contact the owner of a large account to post as if the news is viral and followers will share it voluntarily

Advantages and Disadvantages of Viral Marketing

Marketing in this viral way is certainly not accompanied by great success. Sometimes it doesn’t work and it creates conflict.

Before deciding to do viral marketing, you must first know what are the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Viral Marketing

The advantages of viral marketing must be considered carefully so that you can decide whether to continue doing this or not. Check out the advantages of viral marketing below.

1. Increase Sales

The first advantage of viral marketing is that it increases the number of sales or conversions. This increase can increase slowly or rapidly depending on the type of content.

If the content is very viral and the products in it fit your needs. The possibility of an increase in sales will be great. What’s more, there are some people who are fanatical about the brand.

That’s why some companies deliberately include these products in films, video clips, or other media. If it goes viral, entertainment fans will swarm it.

2. Lowering Promotional Costs

One of the goals for doing viral marketing is to reduce the cost of promotion which is actually very large. Moreover, promotions are more often carried out on television or other media such as radio or print media.

By doing viral marketing promotions, you just need to create one piece of content with a fairly high possibility of viral potential. If the content is in accordance with the target market, it will usually be uploaded and shared many times.

Viral content will be seen by many people without the need for a big promotion process. The target market is people who will share what they see for themselves. Finally the word of mouth network is well formed.

3. Increase Brand Awareness

The purpose of creating viral content for promotion is not only done to improve the sales process. Sometimes some unknown brands also use it to carry out the branding process.

As the popularity of the content increases, other people will get to know that there is a brand out there with that name. The brand also sells certain products so that the target market can know them well.

The more famous a brand because it is viral, especially viral in a positive scope, can make its credibility climb high. If they release a certain product, people will be curious to buy it and sales will increase.

4. Appointed by Media or Major Portals

One of the impacts of having viral content is the opportunity to be promoted by official media or major portals. If you pay for promotions there, the costs will likely be very high. As far as I know, promotion in the form of articles on the tribunnews site is only around 1-2 million, let alone appearing in the form of videos with duration?

If the content comes from news that has gone viral, it will most likely not be charged at all or even provide a fee because the media also gets a high rating. Their number of viewers is also high.

In some cases, big companies deliberately make a viral story as if it is viral and then pay certain media or portals to change it. With this upload, the content can be considered viral and eventually famous.

Disadvantages of Viral Marketing

The disadvantages of viral marketing must also be considered to avoid major problems that arise in the future or possibly financial loss. Pay attention to the following viral marketing shortcomings so that they don’t happen to the promotional content created.

1. Can Go Viral Because It’s Negative

The thing that must be considered carefully if you want to do viral marketing is the effect. Viral news is generally divided into two. The first is viral news with a positive charge and the second is viral news with a negative charge.

These two viral stories have a different effect. On viral news with a positive charge, people will like it and buy in droves so that it can increase sales to the branding of the company.

In contrast to viral news with a negative charge, people will hate it so there is a possibility for a decrease in sales to damage the good name of the brand.

That’s why before doing viral marketing, the team must have a good discussion and prepare for the worst possible things that will happen.

2. Difficult to Predict

Viral marketing is not something that is easy to get. Sometimes even though you have created excellent content, the chances of it going viral are still small or even closed with other more viral news

Sometimes by creating perfunctory content it becomes viral, for example “Frying eggs by hand”. Because it is difficult to predict, not all marketers are able to create something that is definitely viral and can increase sales.

3. Considered Not Important

There are people who like news with viral content and others who hate it. Even though the charge is positive, there are those who consider it unimportant, pretentious, seeking attention and so on. Some people actually think of it as spam and block it.

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How to do viral marketing

There are several ways that can be done to make the viral marketing process run smoothly;

1. The Target Market Must Be Clear

Before creating promotional content that aims to go viral, you must first know who the target market is. This is what will make the content very easy to go viral.

A clear target market will help the content creation process to fit their background. For example, the target market is young people, the content created must be in accordance with that target, don’t be too formal

Furthermore, if the content relates to women because the product is a fashion type such as hijab, it must be syar’i. The point is that the content that is created must have a target, not just make it for something that is viral.

2. There’s an Emotional Charge in It

The content created must contain emotions that make other people feel happy or maybe sad. This emotional content will make people empathize and eventually share.

Do you remember some funny content from Thailand? The ads there are generally unique and full of emotion. This is what makes the content viral even to foreign countries.

Don’t make something mundane or standard because people will skip it right away. Something that can play with emotions will be easier to convey. Finally the purpose of the promotion can run well.

3. Utilize Taglines or Hashtags

Taglines or hashtags are also very important if you want to make content go viral. These two things must be in the content so that other people will find it easier

The perfect tagline is also easy to remember. Finally, like it or not, the sale will be increasingly known so that anything that is sold has a high probability of being bought.

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4. Manipulate Trending Things

Manipulating something that has gone viral can also be done to boost this popularity. One very clear example is using the viral song called Baby Shark.

The song was turned into an advertisement and then posted to many media. Finally it became viral by many people because it felt so familiar. The lyrics and tones of the song are familiar and fun to share.

5. Reach Out to Influential People

The last way that can be done to do viral marketing well is to reach people who are already influential. You can ask artists (whose careers are dim so that they are cheap) to star in advertisements in it.

Furthermore, the background of friendship on social media must also be relevant to the product being sold (as far as I know, there are services, auto add tools). There are also many beginner YouTubers whose views you can pay to promote related products or offer them as an affiliate.

In addition to the form of content like this. Some people also deliberately, hire someone with high influence (if in googlebusiness there is a reviewer level) to do reviews as if they recommend and have tried the product

The viral marketing method is very important to boost sales figures. Moreover, if the content created becomes very viral, the number of conversions will increase in a relatively short time.

However, in making this viral marketing, various things must be taken into account so that the content created does not cause problems due to law or reputational loss. Do not offend a particular person or group of people.



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