How to Write Articles in IDN Times Through Cellphones

How to Write Articles in IDN Times Through Cellphones and How to write articles/freelance writers at IDN Times via the website – My version of the SEO writer writes SEO articles, so the article will appear on the first page of Google search. So that SEO can be maximized on-page and off-page articles.

When you eat alone in the library canteen, there are ladies and gentlemen asking if the next seat is empty or not, so they chat. Mbanya works at IDN Times as a creative writer. Eh, it turns out that the boarding house is near the PGSD campus. Yesterday I found a post on Twitter about being a freelance writer at IDN Times. I’ve seen it and made an account too. It’s interesting, maybe I’ll try it in the fiction section. The thing is, if you make an article, it’s a bit heavy on me. Well, let’s just say it’s for practice writing first, it’s not even published by them either.

Besides, it can’t be accepted right away. Many writers also do not publish their writings immediately. After all, there will be a time when it will be chosen to be published. Just focus on writing, commitment. You also don’t have to think about money, there will be a time when you will follow the results of your hard work

Because many friends asked me to finally make a short article. But I apologize in advance if the writing is messy, because this is my first time writing an article

How to Write Articles in IDN Times Through Cellphones

1. How to join

For how to join as a community writer IDN Times, it’s really easy, you can go through the web or you can download the idn apps application. But this time I will only explain through the website

This is the main view of the idn times website, you can create an account first by clicking the icon in the upper right corner that I have marked. Can login via email or facebook.

2. Features

If you have created an account, you can write directly and there are features like the one below, then just click on the dashboard. The second image is a display from the dashboard, if you want to write, just click on the pen image next to the search column

3. How to write

This is how the page looks like writing idn times. Before that, first select the topic you want to write about, write the title, snippet, etc. The idn times uses a listicle article format, which is an article whose discussion is written based on main ideas, which includes at least 5 points.

if you have written can be saved first before submitting. Articles that have been submitted will be entered into the queue column in the pending section. If you want to save the article but don’t want it to be sent into the draft, publish it for the article that was published successfully

Rejected, for articles that were rejected by the editor. Then the revision column is for articles that need improvement which have been previously reviewed by the editor

4. What topics can be written about?

There are many ranging from news, business, sports, tech, hype, korea, life, health, food, men, entertainment, relationships, education, travel, science, opinion, to fiction, namely poetry or short stories. Friends can choose a topic that if mastered

5. Events

So that fees can be collected quickly, you can join the event. I personally like to choose the second event, which is to publish 10 articles in the free category and get 2,500 points, or the equivalent of 250 thousand. But you are free to choose any event, okay?

That means you can see 1 article published equal to 25 thousand, but sometimes there are certain events where 1 published article can be valued at 50 thousand

Sources of photo images can be from:

1. In choosing a photo, you can’t just copy it from Google. Friends, you can find HD quality pictures or photos on free image websites such as,, and

2. Can be through social media such as Instagram, Twitter, but must include a clear source.

Quick tips to publish articles quickly:

– First, the article should not be detected plagiarism

– create catchy titles, but don’t clickbait

– Look for fresh article topics, if possible they have never been written before

– Writing must be in accordance with the guidelines

– For novice writers, it usually takes a long time and even often gets rejected, because the editors don’t recognize the writing and the quality of the articles we write.

– Most importantly, don’t forget to read and understand the writing guide that is already on the IDN Times website

Maybe that’s just a short article from me, for more details, you can read the writing guide directly on the IDN Times website. If something is still unclear, it can be discussed here. Thank you~

In addition, the idn times fee system uses points. So we collect points first, then from these points can be disbursed into money that will be directly transferred to our account. So if you want to withdraw money, we have to submit a bank account first

If there is a minimum amount of points, how much do you have to do before you can withdraw it?

Minimum 2500 points or equivalent to 250 thousand

A few ways to write articles on IDN Times via cellphone


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