How to Write a Narrative in Telegraph X

How to Write a Narrative in Telegraph X – The Android application X Pro further refines (originally used as a standard war correspondent tool) into a tool that makes writing and reading easy for everyone.

This is an amazing application. Compared to Blogger and WordPress, they both look bad, are clunky, and have very old-fashioned features.

Telegraph is an application-based website made by Telegram that you can use for unlimited posts.

Using the Telegraph is much easier than writing on Facebook or Blogger.

Telegram only requires 3 easy steps. Go to the Telegraph website, write what you want to write, and hit Publish.

The interesting thing about the Telegraph is how it looks. Very easy to use. Telegraphs are designed to be interference-resistant, or “interference-free”.

As soon as you open the Telegraph network from your laptop or cellphone, a page will appear that you can use to write immediately.

How to Write a Narrative in Telegraph X

1. Previously, first install the application via play store Yes, guys, if it’s just open, then continue to log in with your telegram account (if you don’t have a telegram, it would be better to make one first) 👍🏻

2. If you have, connect to telegram, it will come out like this. It’s kind of a setting.

– edit account name > change your tele account name

– edit author name > change your pen name

– edit profile link > add a link to your telegram account

– reset all sessions > reset from scratch

– switch account > create a switch account

3. So, if you have connected the telegram and the telegraph, all you have to do is enter the telegraph application, if you want to write, it’s in the lower right corner. If so, it will appear like the picture below

4. Okay, here I want to explain the attributes that exist when we run out of pressing write.

– title > make the title of your story / part in your au

– story > story content

– author name > to change the pen name, but if you want anonymous, don’t fill it in

Description of attributes starting from the left corner

– three lines > let us know when we are writing in part 1, if you want to change the section, just press enter 2 times 👍🏻

– Big T Small T > create some kind of heading

– quotes > create quotes

– draw a kind of mountain > to add a photo

– line point 3 > create a list in the form of •

– number line > create a list in the form of numbers

– strip > to make a separator/delimiter

– (<>) > create an embed link (insert a link, but usually only links from Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and Telegram posts)

– 6 dots on the right (section) > if you press it, a delete / duplicate menu will appear (so you can duplicate that part)

– how to add a valid link > just delete it until the question mark (until a number remains), like next to the example, now if you have just press add

This is more clear when applied

5. Okay, if you have, just save the draft or publish it!

Btw, this has one drawback, it can’t be deleted once it’s published (if you want to delete it, you have to be pro first) but yesterday I tricked it, so if it can’t be deleted, just draft it 👍🏻 like the one next to :v

6. Oh yeah, I forgot to explain the menu on the left when I entered the application.

– published > see the story that has been published

– draft > see the story you draft

– proxy > some kind of signal booster

– night mode > dark mode

Some Ways to Write Narrative in Telegraph X


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