How to Wax Armpits with Sugar Wax Sugar Without Pain

How to Wax Armpits with Sugar Wax Sugar Without Pain – Since many people are still afraid to wax their own armpit hair, I will share step by step when waxing so it doesn’t hurt. ANYWAY, this is based on my experience, so if you have other suggestions, you can drop them in the comments.

For some people who have never tried it, waxing or hair removal while removing from the roots may sound terrible. Thoughts about tooth extraction pain may still ring in your mind. In fact, now there are various wax products that can make it easier for you to remove body hair.

For some people who don’t like how to shave to remove hair in the body area, sugar wax can be an alternative. The process is simple, fast and affordable, making sugar waxing the right choice. A trip to the salon can take a lot of time for this treatment. Therefore, sugar waxing can be used as an alternative to body hair removal treatments. Another advantage of using Sugar Wax (sugar wax) is that the ingredients are natural and easily available, making it safer than using other artificial ingredients such as shaving cream.

Before waxing, make sure that you are ready first and read bismillah or pray according to your respective beliefs.

How to Wax Armpits with Sugar Sugar Wax Without Pain

OK, now go straight to the STEP BY STEP YES

1. First of all, heat the sugar wax in the microwave or soak the sugar wax in hot water for 2-5 minutes so that the sugar wax melts and is easier to apply to the armpit hair. (Make sure the sugar wax package is soaked to half the package or more)

How to Wax Armpits with Sugar Wax Sugar Without Pain

2. Make sure the armpits are clean and have been soaped, here I usually wash them with soap, then don’t forget to dry the armpits with a towel or tissue. Just be at home~~

3. Next, apply baby powder or special waxing powder to all parts of the armpit where the hair is about to be removed. Honestly, if you apply baby powder before waxing, it really helps to reduce the pain when you want to pull out the armpit hairs. So make sure you use it!!!

4. Next, apply sugar wax in the direction of hair growth. So if your armpit hair grows upwards, you rub it upwards. If it grows to the bottom, the oil is brought down too. Don’t turn back!

5. After that, paste the waxing paper into the armpit that has been given sugar wax. Keep pulling against the hair growth.

So if his hair grows up, he pulls it from the bottom. If it grows downwards, it is pulled from above. That’s it, guys, do you understand?

6. After that, clean the armpits with cold water / room temperature water. In addition, you can also apply aloe vera gel to reduce irritation. The aloe vera gel is free to use any brand. I like it when I use aloe fallow gel, my armpits are so cool lol

Things to consider and avoid to reduce pain when waxing:

1. Avoid waxing when approaching & when the fertile period / menstruation.

You really have to avoid this oath because when you get close to your period, waxing feels really painful and painful

2. Avoid cleaning the armpits that have been waxed with warm/hot water.

This is from my experience, yes, if there is a part that has blood on it, the blood will flow more and more. Then if you use hot water, the armpit feels worse??? That’s why cold water is better~

3. Avoid using deodorant within 24 hours.

This must be avoided if for me personally. Because when I use deodorant, my armpits feel really sore and hot!! Sometimes it even feels like hisa guatel, that’s why I don’t use deodorant in it

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this sugar wax because it’s not the type of wax that can grab armpit hair at the same time. So it must be repeated 2-3 times so that it is perfectly clean.

Then it’s better if the sugar wax is heated/soaked in warm water first so that the wax melts. If it’s not heated, it’s a bit difficult to get it out. Even though in the way they use it, they say it doesn’t need to be heated, I just suggest that it’s better to just heat it up

For example, if you think it’s dirty because your armpit hair is that thick, actually, I actually wanted to lengthen my armpit hair for this sugar wax test. And really, sugar wax is more capable of pulling long hairs than short ones


– I use this brand! Usually I go to Waxhaus but because of the pandemic I’m too lazy to go out so I bought this and it’s really good for the price of 40s. I like! Already want to jar 2

That’s how to wax your armpits with sugar wax without pain.


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