How to Watch Netflix Together On Discord

How to Watch Netflix Together On Discord – During a pandemic like this, watching with friends on Discord can be another form of entertainment, as long as you still practice the hashtag #At HomeAja. Of course, watching a movie with one person brings a different feeling.

By watching together, you and your friends can watch a movie together and react, shout, laugh, cry, or comment. Uniquely, a Discord server can accommodate a very large number of people, up to 50 people. To watch together on Discord, of course, you have to have a server with friends, if you don’t have one, you can make your own.

if you don’t have it, you can join here

In short, After creating the server, the next step is to invite your friends to join the server. The trick is to send the server link to your friends.

If you already have a Discord server and your friends have joined, the next step is to prepare the movie to watch.

You can get movies from streaming sites that offer original movies, such as iFlix, VIU, Catchplay, or others.

On these sites, you can also stream or download movies. It is better to download the film first so there is no buffering. Nothing can replace the pleasure of watching with friends. In this case, let alone watching it with friends, it is impossible to just get together.

How to Watch Netflix Together on Discord PC Laptop

1. Open Netflix first in google chrome
2. Then join the voice channel on your discord server

3. Then please click this share screen button

4. Select the netflix application screen and click go live

5. What about black blanks? Use the method below:

6. Click this settings logo on discord

7. Click Activity Status > Continue to add Add Game “Google Chrome”
8. Continue to stream by clicking the logo below:

9. Select the netflix application screen and click go live
10. Turn off “Hardware accelration on Discord and also on google chromenya

11. On discord: Settings > Advanced > Turn off Hardware Acceleration

12. In Chrome just search for “hardware acceleration” or visit the web below


13. After that restart the browser and discord (close and open again)
14. I can

How to Watch Netflix Together on Discord Hp1. Open the Netflix App

2. Open the discord application and join the voice channel

3. Click Share screen
4. Select the netfli screen bro
5. Then you can stream later

Don’t worry, in this digital era, you can still watch movies at home with friends. Netflix is ​​the most important option to fill your free time while #stayhome. You can install the Netflix Party extension on your respective Discord. This extension will create a URL that your friends can access.

Here are some ways to watch Netflix together on Discord.


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