How to Watch Football Live Streaming on the Latest Android Phones

IT People Blog – Watching live football matches is an exciting thing, especially through your Android phone. This is a hobby of most people in Indonesia. So don’t be surprised if many want to know how to watch live streaming balls on Android phones

Actually this is not a difficult thing to do, as long as you know the address of the site that provides the streaming facility. Includes information on how to subscribe or the fees required for this. If you are interested in knowing more, check out the 2022 free football live streaming site below;

Watch Football Live Streaming

Super Soccer TV

The first way to watch live football on your cellphone is by accessing Super Soccer TV. This service provides broadcasts of football matches in Indonesia, to the latest news about the world of football. Do not forget that this service also provides match schedules of various interesting leagues to follow. Starting from leagues in Indonesia, to leagues abroad such as the English Premiere League.

For those who want to subscribe to Super Soccer TV, you can access the website on the following page Meanwhile, if you want to download the application on an Android phone, you can go through the official link on Google Play. The subscription price offered is still quite affordable. So it is suitable as an option for football fans who want to watch various matches via an Android phone.

Currently, to be able to enjoy the services of Super Soccer TV, users are required to register. Don’t worry because registration is free or free of charge. However, to enjoy special streaming, there are some additional fees charged, only about a few tens of thousands of rupiah.

Video TV

Then the next way to watch live football on a cellphone is by subscribing to a soccer streaming service provider on Vidio TV. Even though it’s not just a soccer streaming service, here there is an interesting soccer live streaming channel to follow. For those who are interested in using the application on an Android phone, you can access it via

In terms of cost, like most other TV streams, the cost needed to watch football streaming channels on Vidio TV is not too expensive. That is, starting from only 19 thousand rupiah for a 7 day subscription. Meanwhile, if you have more funds, you can pay 199 thousand rupiah for a full year subscription.

By subscribing officially, users will get interesting features from streaming football on Vidio TV. For example, ad-free facilities, to enjoy a variety of other shows in HD quality besides the football streaming. Therefore, it is not surprising that Vidio TV has become one of the favorite places to stream football to several other interesting events.

La Liga Sports TV

Furthermore, an alternative streaming site that helps to watch live football matches on a cellphone is by accessing La Liga Sports TV. On this streaming site, there are also many choices of interesting football matches to follow. For those who are interested in using the application, simply access the following link

What’s interesting about the soccer streaming site is that users are not charged a subscription fee or free. So this makes many people who have minimal funds like the option to watch streaming football via La Liga Sports. In addition, the size of the La Liga application is also not too large, only about 26MB and does not burden storage space

However, as an application that features free streaming, there are some limitations that La Liga Sports TV provides. Like for example not showing the latest streaming or prestigious matches. However, for football lovers who just want to enjoy the excitement of various kinds of football matches and leagues, it is enough to fill their spare time.

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Mola TV

One more way to watch live football on a cellphone that is interesting to try is by subscribing to Mola TV. The Mola TV application is quite popular with football streaming lovers. Because the events presented are quite complete and there are various choices. For those who are interested in using this application on an Android phone, simply download it at the following link

To be able to enjoy streaming football on Mola TV, of course, customers have to pay a subscription fee. It can be said that Mola TV applies a large fee for football lovers to be able to enjoy live streaming of football matches on the application.

The amount starts from 160 thousand rupiah for a month’s subscription. Then for those who choose the 3-month package, they will be charged 442 thousand rupiah, for the 6-month package it is 816 thousand rupiah, and for a yearly subscription package it will cost 1,536 million rupiah. So it can be said that this application is quite expensive compared to other similar football streaming applications.

How to Watch Football Live Streaming on the Latest Android Phone Via YouTube

The next way to watch live streaming of the ball on the latest Android cellphone is by using YouTube. This is one of the choices that many football fans like. How to live stream the ball on YouTube is also easy to do. So those who are interested in doing this can easily access YouTube and view their favorite football streams.

The steps for watching football live streaming on YouTube via an Android phone are as follows. First make sure to install YouTube on an Android phone, then make sure YouTube is accessible. If successful access, then immediately go to the search page and type “live stream football”.

Later, YouTube will provide various options for live streaming of the ongoing football. Select a stream that you want to watch and enjoy the stream until it’s finished.

Another great thing about using YouTube to stream football matches is that the app doesn’t charge a subscription fee. However, if you want to enjoy the latest leagues, streaming generally doesn’t update and doesn’t air at the same time. But aired the next day.

That’s some interesting information regarding how to watch live football streaming on the latest Android cellphone along with information about the 2022 football live streaming site for free. With the information provided above, at least you can make a choice, which streaming site is the most suitable for your funds. So watching football live on an Android phone is no longer an obstacle. Hobbies are channeled and fun can be obtained. Good luck trying it!



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