How to Vote Kpop Without Exiting Other Applications

How to Vote Kpop Without Exiting Other Applications – How to quickly vote without having to go in and out of other apks – Well, usually the standard mandatory applications for fanaticism on mobile phones are Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram. There are other apps that let you enjoy K-Pop content.

Of course, it is not enough for KPop fans to enjoy their favorite KPop idols or KPop groups through YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or other streaming media sites. They need another app to bring them closer to their idol.

No need PC, you can download this app directly on your smartphone for free! So wherever you go, you can still follow the news of your favorite KPop group or KPop idol

This application can be said to be a paradise for KPop lovers outside of Korea! This Naver app allows you to watch the latest videos from your favorite KPop idols or KPop groups. In fact, if you’re lucky, you get to see their lives! Wow!

How to Vote Kpop Without Exiting Other Applications

Device: Xiaomi

If other devices search on google: Parallel Space

Step 1:

First you go into your settings and search for general-purpose tools or you can go down to the bottom and look for “multi-purpose tools”

Step 2:

After already in the multi-purpose tool look for the smart sidebar

Step 3:

You activate it after that you choose what apk you want so it’s fast including the apk vote as well as gpp

Step 4:

If you are finished, select the apk, whatever, you press the “Finished” sign and it’s going to be 2nd pic.

When you see them greeting their fans, it’s so much fun! Moreover, you can comment on them. Wow! It’s a lot of fun, really! Some channels also offer paid channels where you can pay to enjoy their paid content. Not only K-Pop groups, but also Korean drama actors and actresses! If you’re curious, download it now! Pop music This app is integrated from YouTube, so all videos here are from YouTube.

The difference is, this application is specifically for KPop videos. Interestingly, there is also a special channel for K-Pop lyrics and OSTs for your favorite TV series or movies! You can directly save all the videos you like in the favorites section. Kpop Amino The features of this application allow you to meet and interact with KPop fans. For those of you who want to add friends or share things related to KPop, you really need to download this application!


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