How To View My Taste On Spotify

How To View My Taste On Spotify – As the most popular music streaming platform with users, Spotify has reached 165 million subscribers in the last year and has a total of 365 million monthly active users. To improve the user experience, new features are constantly being rolled out, this time called Spotify My Taste.

Over the past few months, we have launched many new features that allow users to enjoy a better music listening experience together. From group mixes to home mixes, automatically generated playlists contain mixes of song content for all the music tastes of Spotify home users.

The Spotify My Taste feature itself comes in the form of a playlist like Family Mix. As the name suggests, this feature allows users to mix (mix) the music tastes of two users into one playlist. Unlike collaborative playlists, Spotify automatically adds songs to Spotify.

Spotify says Spotify My Taste is one of its first products developed for multi-user personalization. Helps create a fun experience, especially when both users can find artists and songs they like and mix them up.

How To View My Taste On Spotify

1. First, please visit the website first here

How To View My Taste On Spotify

2. Please Click “Find Out”

3. Login with your Spotify and click agree if there is.

4. Then you just answer the question he gave
5. Choose Choose which one you want in F, k1ll and m4rry

6. Later the results will appear like this

7. Each account results are different depending on what songs you often play
btw i have a bad time mimin 🙁 mostly idols jkt

Arjun also talked about the inspiration for Spotify My Taste. On his way to Thailand, he tried to communicate with a taxi driver.

Sharing Spotify playlists has become a mandatory Gen Z tradition. Especially for those with similar musical tastes. Now, to make your listening preferences even easier, Spotify has officially launched a feature that lets you combine curated music tastes with those of those closest to you into a playlist. With the official launch now, those who create My Tastes will receive a taste match score. This score indicates that your musical preferences are similar or different to those of your loved ones.

That’s How To See My Taste On Spotify


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