How to use the terabox app to save files

IT People Blog – TeraBox itself is a cloud storage service or the first cloud storage that provides a disk of 1,024 GB or as the name implies 1 Terabyte for free and permanently. Users can save about 400,000 photos or the equivalent of 51,200 videos with a duration of 1 minute or 6.5 million documents for free. Terabox can be accessed through website services, android applications and PC software

As an innovatively developed cloud storage service, Terabox helps backup data and supports fast browsing of stored files using powerful AI technology

Terabox is an alternative solution for device users (smartphones and PCs) who have few storage resources and avoid notification that the memory space is full. Very useful for backing up important data and making it easier to restore / restore data even if your device is damaged or lost

This service is suitable for devices that have little storage space remaining, Terabox provides a secure storage area and prevents data theft. You can install the Terabox application via a mobile device then activate the data synchronization feature, save photos/videos/files to cloud storage (with photo and video preview features) without draining your memory space.

With the same account, users can easily share files with other terabox users. Here are a series of advantages of Terabox as online storage;

– Offers free and permanent storage space of 1,024GB of course if we compare it with GoogleDrive which is only 15GB, the comparison will look very far

– Easy to use, you can upload photo files, documents, videos from android mobile devices

– Access files stored on terabox via preview without burdening device storage memory

– Create folders then share them with other users

– Supports backup and background download features

– Suitable for use on devices whose storage memory is almost full because it provides an automatic synchronization feature

– Effectively overcomes cellphones that are lagging, often jammed due to full internal memory

– There is a safe feature to prevent our files from being seen by others without authority

– Available android applications, applications for Apple, can be accessed through the website or installed to a computer device (saved data can be accessed on any device)

You can create an account on Terabox via SSO such as Facebook, Google Account and Apple ID

You can save files to Terabox via smartphones, tablets or computers easily and quickly without worrying about losing access to files, it can also relieve the remaining storage space that is almost full.

Disadvantages of terabox itself include;

– Automatically compresses the data that we back up online, for example when we upload a video with 1080p 60hz quality it is automatically compressed to 480p 30hz, so it is not suitable for designers because it cannot save the original file size and maintain its quality

– The photo or video preview process is a little slow, maybe it depends on the internet connection or the server is really heavy

– Waste of internet quota, the process of saving files to the terabox server is like uploading data while the video preview process via terabox is like online streaming so make sure your internet quota is abundant

– Terabox provides a very large online storage space to its users does not mean increasing the storage capacity of smartphone devices, you can upload more files to Terabox to provide more free space on android/pc devices

– Actually terabox is not really free, for non-premium free users when the file upload process is not as fast as premium users

– There are ads in the app, but that’s okay because after all we use the service for free

How to use the terabox application on a smartphone

1. First of all, please download the Terabox Application via Google Playstore, Appstore or visit the official website below

Here I use an android smartphone device, install the Terabox application as usual, create an account first… here I enter through a Google Account

How to use the terabox app

2. After successfully creating an account, the initial screen looks like this, there is an automatic backup feature where the photo or video media taken directly from the camera will automatically be saved to the terabox server and deleted from the internal memory so that it does not burden your storage memory (optional)

How to use the terabox 1 app

3. Meanwhile, if you want to increase your membership from free to premium, you will get 10 benefits, including;

– Get up to 2 TB of storage facility or 2x more than free users

– The process of downloading and uploading files is faster because it passes through a special channel that is not crowded with users

– Can play multiple videos at once during preview

– The quality of the uploaded media is not compressed too much so that the media remains clear

– Can send many files to other users is not limited

– Save/share large single files up to 500GB

– There is a safe feature so that not everyone can access your files, such as a password-protected folder

– There are no ads, in the Terabox application sometimes ads appear which are quite annoying

How to use the terabox 3 app

This is an example of an annoying ad appearance because it covers almost 90% of the screen, fortunately there is a small banner as a clear indication to continue using the application

How to use the terabox 4 app

4. I am personally quite satisfied as a free user, given 1 Terabyte of storage space is more than enough to back up important files as well as save storage space capacity

Tap the cloud icon to start uploading your file, it can be an image, video or files

How to use the terabox 5 app

Here I want to upload a collection of important photos, just mark it then press the upload button as shown below

How to use the terabox 6 application

The file upload process occurs in the background, you can see notifications on the sidebar.. while uploading files, you can do other activities.. make sure your internet quota is sufficient

How to use the terabox 7 app

5. To change the basic settings, click the dropdown arrow icon in the upper right corner it will lead to this view

How to use the terabox 9 app

From the image information above, it tells me that 14% of my remaining internal memory or a total of 86% of the space capacity has been used, therefore I can upload some files to Terabox’s online storage and delete the files from the internal memory.

Other settings are below, saving media files captured by the camera in the form of photos or videos automatically backing them up online so it doesn’t reduce the internal memory capacity of your smartphone.

How to use the terabox 10 app

6. Viewing a preview of a photo or video directly can be done by tapping the media file you want to view

terabox app to save files

7. Another feature that free users can enjoy is sharing large files from 200GB to a maximum of 500GB, a really useful feature even though I’ve never used it

terabox app for saving files terabox app for saving files

We share the file with the URL access through various social media platforms so that it can be viewed by anyone publicly

terabox app to save files3

8. In the content plaza menu, you can watch movies that are currently being streamed. I don’t know if this list of films has been legally purchased or how

terabox app to save files4

9. Another interesting feature is the safe folder, suitable for storing important files such as master passwords, personal recording files, secret videos, pap girlfriend photos and so on

terabox app to save files5

10. Finally, to enjoy access to premium levels, increased storage capacity, high-speed file downloads and uploads, unlimited file sharing, you can subscribe to premium starting from 65k/month to 629k/year

terabox app to save files6

Things to underline about terabox;

– Terabox is cloud storage or online storage such as Google Drive, Megafiles and so on with larger space offerings

– When installed on a smartphone or computer, it doesn’t mean that your space has increased to 1 Terabyte, it’s just an online storage capacity to transfer data, thereby reducing the memory usage space of the smartphone or computer itself.

– Because your data is stored online, no matter when your smartphone/laptop falls into the river and is eaten by a crocodile, your data is still safe as long as you can log back in on another device using the same account

That’s a short article about how to use the Terabox application, I hope what I say can be useful as well, more or less sorry if there’s a wrong word, the developer intends to develop this service to make it even better, we’ll just have to wait and see what kind of innovation in the future


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