How to Use Shopee Affiliate for New Beginners

how to use shopee affiliate for beginners – how to get commission from shopee affiliate – how to register a shopee affiliate without a minimum of followers – Get additional income from Shopee affiliates. you will get a lot of benefits. Therefore, this time the admin will share how the Shopee affiliate program works until it is successful.

Today, technological facilities such as the Internet can be a very profitable currency field. As we all know, there are many digital platforms that can help us earn income, one of which is the Shopee Marketplace platform.

Shopee Affiliate is the official affiliate program of the Shopee platform. If you join this program, your job is to share the link, and then if someone wants to buy on Shopee through the link you provided, then you will get a reward from selling the item.

By joining the Shopee Affiliate Program, we will get many benefits.

Benefits provided by the Shopee Affiliate Program are provided in the form of a commission percentage.

Commission is calculated as 10% for new users and 2% for existing users.

In addition, there is a commission for every transaction, and each user will get Rp. 10,000.

How to join the Shopee Affiliate Program is very simple, all you have to do is register on the Shopee Affiliate platform.

The Shopee Affiliate Program is perfect for those of us who like to create content and want to make money through social media.

Participating in the Shopee Affiliate Program is very easy.

Therefore, if you are interested in increasing your income through social media, please follow the tutorial below:

How to register, how to work, how to use email, how to promote, system.

How to Use Shopee Affiliate to Success

1. Conditions that must be prepared

to be able to register a shopee affiliate, you need a shopee account if you can immediately verify your ID card for shopee pay, because there will be a limit if you haven’t verified.

bank accounts are not mandatory, but if you feel like the commission will be above 1 million, quickly verify.


– Commission disbursement will be carried out periodically according to the disbursement date in

above via Bank Transfer (like the commission above IDR 1,000,000) or ShopeePay (if

commission below IDR 1,000,000).

– Especially for payments via ShopeePay, make sure you have the remaining limit

enough (limit of IDR 2,000,000 if ShopeePay has not been verified) for processing

Commission disbursement went smoothly. The disbursement process will fail if you don’t

have sufficient remaining limits.

– To increase the limit, you can verify ShopeePay by following

guide here. Make sure the verified Shopee account is a valid Shopee account

enrolled in the Shopee Affiliates Program.

– In addition, so that your commission can be disbursed on time in the future, immediately fill in the information

account on your Shopee Affiliates Program account here. You are recommended for

fill in account information using a desktop or laptop browser. Please

make sure the account owner’s name matches the full name registered on the account

Your Shopee Affiliates Program.

you also need an active social media account (new acc gpp) if possible, don’t leave it blank and the post must have at least 1. Even though the account is active, post 0 will not pass.

to be able to register a shopee affiliate without a minimum of followers, you need a team code.

2. How to register hopee affiliate

Enter shopee search, click shopee affiliate then click “register here” or click this link

Fill in your personal data as usual, later you will be asked to fill in the social media link. You can ig or tiktok as long as there is a post (this can be edited later).

In the category specification column: all

Partnership type: blogger/social media

In the column ‘how do you know shopee affiliate’: shopee affiliate team.

After that there will be an email request sent. Just wait 2-3 days at most.

Dear Partner,

Your registration has been accepted and will be

reviewed by the Shopee team. We will

call you back

in 14 happy days.

If you have any questions, please

contact affiliate [email protected] for



If you have received it, you will receive an email like this. But sometimes this email gets late, so just check the shopee profile, if there is a shopee affiliate column there, it means you can share the link

3. How it works and the payment system

Work system

-commission will be earned 2.5% per transaction.

-You just need to share the link from the star seller/start/shopee mall store, later if someone clicks on your link and they checkout you will get a commission

– Commissions don’t have to come from the items you share. As long as that person clicks on your link, you will get a commission if he checks out other items (origin) from the star seller / shopee mall shop earlier.


– The commission paid is not directly 1 month. Later every week you will get a weekly report, and the weekly report will be disbursed 1/2 week later (based on experience)

– commissions under 1 million (according to weekly reports) automatically enter your shopee pay, so no verification needed? again but payment.

– Commissions above 1 million must go through a bank account, so you have to verify again for disbursement of funds.

Examples of weekly reports that fix kyang will be paid 2 weeks later. So the commission count is weekly, but it is disbursed every 2 weeks.

You don’t get commission if;

someone clicked on your link, but before co he clicked on someone else’s link. Because the commission is on the last link he clicked

he clicks on your link and checks out, but the shop is not star/star+/mall

he clicked on your link, but it’s been a long time not working

4. The right way to promote

tweeted by making a poison article

promotions at the base, help find items if someone asks. But remember ethics, yes, who is asked, but you are the one who answers. Usually those who like gt sb are red and then the rep is sinking, so it’s getting harder to get commissions.

tiktok. The trick is to make toxic content and then make a link on the milkshake, later put the link in the bio, oh yes, so that I can add the link the account must be a business account.

youtube short. Almost like tiktok, make interesting videos with toxic content, then you can put the link in the comments/decs column

instagram. More or less like tiktok too, put the link in the bio. So that the audience is wider, you can use ig reels.

facebook. You can find a poison group with a lot of members like the ones below and then post in the group like you tweeted (but not an article, of course)

Oh yes, if you register your social media account on ig or tiktok and don’t want to promote using the account you registered (want to use another account) you can. Want to share to any platform, if someone clicks on it and the commission will still come in.


Don’t give up easily, everything takes effort

only share trusted products. If you haven’t bought it yet, at least the reviews are convincing so that those who buy there won’t be zoned out.

if you share a product (what’s more in twt) it’s accompanied by a review, guys

also get discouraged if there are a lot of clicks but no one, who knows the next day, right.

I’m also discouraged if someone does it, but you don’t get a commission because the shop is not a star/mall

gpp if your number of clicks/commissions is small, but appreciate it.

Things not to do;

stealing other people’s content without permission

promote your own sales (share your own sales link)

the risk is that your shopee account can be frozen later.

Anyway, if something has been received and you want to ask questions or if this article is still unclear, you can just DM me, because it seems there are small details that I forgot to include in this article, but I don’t know what, I forgot.

I forgot to tell you something important, a shopee account, if possible, a special account for shopping, also a sales account, if you use a sales account, sometimes some are accepted but mostly rejected

Question answer:

1. If ig must be public, right? Do you need a business account?

Yes, the ig has to be public, if it has to be a business account or not, it doesn’t matter if my friend doesn’t register with a business account, it still passes ^^

2. If I use a promotional account other than the one registered at the time of registration, can it still be done, Sis? Or does it have to be on the already registered account?

Yes, it can be any platform or account

3. Unfortunately I don’t have an ID, Sis.

if you haven’t upgraded you can, but the balance limit is only 2 million

Some Ways to Use Shopee Affiliate to Success


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