How To Use Seeds App For Beginners

How To Use Seeds App For Beginners – For those of you who have money in your account and don’t know where to go or just hold it, it’s better if you invest in mutual funds, especially in large amounts. Here I want to explain a little what I know about mutual funds.

First, I started investing in the mutual fund since September 14, 2021 with a value of 50 million and so far I have only withdrawn the profit for my needs.

How To Use Seeds App For Beginners

The return I got since I first met mutual funds until now is around 10%

At this point I want to explain a little what the difference between stock mutual funds and other mutual funds is.


1) Stock mutual funds are one of the investment instruments with the highest level of risk among others (the risk can be minimized by choosing a good mutual fund product).

2) The basic difference between stock mutual funds and others is that almost 80-90% of managed funds are in the stock market, in contrast to bond mutual funds, where 90-95% of their managed funds are in bonds and sukuk (usually this type of mutual fund is the most popular because of the risks involved). medium).

3) The lowest risk is in money market mutual funds, where almost 90% of the managed funds are in the money market.

Next, I will share a few tips and tricks that can be used as a reference in choosing a good stock mutual fund investment product (Check the 3rd SS while reading the points).


1) AUM (Total funds managed by the investment manager).
AUM is one of the important things in choosing a stock mutual fund because the bigger the AUM, the greater public trust in the investment manager. Try when choosing a stock mutual fund, look at the AUM by focusing on “If the age of the mutual fund is more than 5 years, make sure the AUM is more than 100 billion”.

The product where I invest has AUM of 5.74 Trillion with a dozen years of mutual funds.

2) Expense Ratio (Management costs).
Now this expense ratio is important because the general formula in choosing a stock mutual fund is “The more funds under management, usually the better. Then the less the expense ratio, the better”.

3) CAGR.
In short, CAGR is the annual growth rate of an investment made over one year. Well, of course, the better the CAGR of a stock, the better the performance will be.

4) Drawdown.
In short, the drawdown is a decrease in the investment portfolio from the highest to the lowest value in a certain trading period (in the 3rd ss it looks like the drawdown is not too significant, namely 7% which is a good sign because the lower the drawdown percentage of a stock, the better the performance throughout the year not bad or atleast anyway.

Oh yes, before I would like to remind you that instead of you being an obscure fraudulent investment with a lucrative return, which in the end is a scam, it’s better for you to invest with a high return but with a wise decision (Rifki, 2022).


Next I want to explain what I know about risk management and financial planning, especially in mutual fund investment instruments.

1) You need to know that mutual funds also have a large enough risk compared to other investment instruments. So you don’t think it’s definitely a profit, the risk is still there but we can minimize that risk by choosing a wise investment.

2) If you want to get a return of around 15-17% per year. I suggest investing in equity mutual funds with a note: “There is a risk of fluctuation in the short term. SupposeIn the first year, our mutual funds may not increase or even lose at all. But usually, in more than 3 years, the tendency is for it to go up with a 15% return, that’s the stock mutual fund. If you have funds above 10 million I suggest taking this investment with an investment range of about 2-3 years for maximum results.

3) If your capital is decent but you don’t want a high risk, you can take a bond mutual fund with investment choices as I explained above (AUM, CAGR, etc.) because this investment instrument uses medium risk with a decent return. The investment range for this point is 3-5 years.

4) If your capital is minimal and you just want to put your money in an investment so that it is not used for nothing, you can choose a money market mutual fund with the lowest risk level, of course the return you get is not as much as when we invest in other mutual funds, right. But with this mutual fund I guarantee 90% profit. The investment range for this point is according to your needs because basically it is just to put money that you are afraid to use for useless purposes.

For the investment application that is most suitable for the investment instrument in this post, namely mutual funds, I recommend using Bibit because apart from being supervised by OJK and CoFTRA, at Bibit there are also many options for mutual funds from various investment managers.

1-3 Low risk

4-7 Medium/Moderate

8-10 Height

In addition, investors can also choose their risk profile during registration as a reference in investing. Anyway, this app is cool.

For new users, there is now a cashback of 25 thousand for their first investment using a referral code with a minimum purchase of 200 thousand.

A few ways to use the seed application for beginners


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