How To Use Retinol For Beginners

How To Use Retinol For Beginners Ampoule Avoskin Cream – “How come he’s more handsome, his facial skin is good” (I read it not using father rojak’s tone, Alhamdulillaah, it means I didn’t buy retinol 10 ml 60 thousand. I used exo avoskin mrt, before buying, read on the avo web first, there it’s pretty good, there’s an explanation at least the difference between exfo toner and retinol or you can watch beauty vlogger’s youtube.

Btw, I want to share tips on using retinol for the first time. You can use two methods. Namely the sandwich method and the smoothies method.

What’s the difference and how do you use it? What products are used?

In this article I want to share my experience using 2 methods of using retinol which I usually do.

Disclaimer first, this method really helped my skin to adapt to retinol products that I tried for the first time. And the reaction will be different in every skin.

So, you can use these 2 methods if they are conditioned:

First time trying retinol

I want to try using retinol every day, but I’m afraid there will be a negative reaction

So, these two methods really help to minimize the risk of irritation.

How To Use Retinol For Beginners

Sandwich Method

How to use retinol with this method is more or less like a sandwich layer.

Moisturizer + retinol + moisturizer

Step 1

Use a moisturizer after using a series of skincare routines such as a hydrating toner/essence.

Step 2

Use retinol after layer 1 moisturizer has absorbed well, and wait for it to absorb.

Step 3

Use retinol after layer 1 moisturizer has absorbed well, and wait for it to absorb.

Okay, I want to give you some tips:

Since I have combination skin type, I prefer to choose a mousturizer to use this method.

I avoid using moisturizer which has a slightly heavy cream texture, because it feels really greasy.

So, to be comfortable, I prefer to use moist which has a light texture.

But, it all comes back to each other’s comfort preferences.

If you want to use two different moisturizers at the beginning and at the end, that’s okay too.

For example, layer 1 you use a gel moisturizer and the last moisturizer you use is a bit thick in texture, like Labore Revive Cream or Kiehls Ultra Facial cream.

Smoothies Method

Step 1

Make sure your palms are clean, put moisturizer on your palms and add drops of retinol product and mix until combined.

Step 2

Gently apply to the skin and make sure it absorbs well. You can also use a moisturizer again.

More or less, this method is mixing moisturizer and retinol into one.

However, not all retinol products and moisturizers are comfortable for me to use this method.

I personally feel more comfortable using this method if the retinol is in oil form. Because it is more practical and summarizes the skincare steps.

Examples of products:

Erha Age Corrector Night Charge Retinol & Phytosqualane

As for the moist, for example using this method, I prefer the moist, not the moist type with a balmy texture.

Prefer the gel or gel cream. Examples of products like SomeThinc Ceramic Skin Savior or Elsheskin Moisturizer..

If you use the Smoothies method, you can also use a moisturizer afterwards if you feel it’s still not moisturised.

So the steps are more or less:

Use retinol with the Smoothies method

After absorbed, apply moisturizer again if it feels less moist.

More or less what I feel when using these two methods is:

Helps skin become more moist and if used regularly every day makes skin more fresh & glowing.

Can be used every day if the skin is already tolerant to retinol.

Summarize the steps.

So, if you use retinol, the focus is on caring acne and breakoutsyou can use a series of skincare routines that are supported by:

Gentle Cleanser

Calming or soothing toner

Spot treatment or acne serum



Well, if you want to use retinol, the focus is for acne & anti aging You can use a series of skincare routines like this:

Gentle Cleanser

Hydrating toner

Anti aging serum (vitamin c/ peptide serum/ retinol serum)

Basic moist for skin barrier maintenance

Good retinol products for beginners:

1. Whitelab Granactive retinoid serum

This includes retinol which is quite mild, feels moist, but makes me a little pilling.

2. Avoskin Retinol Toner

For me personally, if it’s really your first time trying retinol, you can use this product. Because it’s a toner, the moisturizing effect is pretty good, and it lasts too long~

yes, if it smells savory, there are some retinols like that, the avoskin ampoule also smells like savory micin. thats just how retinol smells i guess

100 ml if used regularly can be 3 months. The texture is a bit thick.

3. Pratista Retinol Serum

This is also my fav, it’s moisturising and makes my face plump and helps for breakouts. When it comes to acne, it’s still a bit lacking for me.

As a reference for retinol for beginners, I can only give three of them… next time I’ll make my own article.

And the most important thing is, don’t forget to be diligent and regularly reapply sunscreen

Questions: Oh yes, it’s good to use retinol when you have acne scars or is it not good to apply when you have active acne, sis?

– This retinol is indeed multifunctional, yes, it can help repair acne and also help fade acne scars. So it can be used after acne and after. If you don’t have acne, you can also use it

Questions: does retinol go into exfo too? Trs alternate from retinol which is safe, is bakuchiol, right? Minimal irritation

– Indirectly yes, retinol is like a “messenger” that reaches the DNA level to tell cells to renew themselves and exfoliates the top skin because it is pushed by new cells from below.

Questions: What if the moist contains niacin? Can it still be used?

– It doesn’t matter, bro, if you are unsure about using it, you can replace it with basic moist, no problem 🙂

for the first use, I only use it 2x a week, in the 2nd week it becomes 3x after the 3rd week until now I use it 5x a week, because after using aha bha I skip retinol

So How To Use Retinol For Beginners.


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