How to Use Openvpn on the Latest iPhone

How to Use Openvpn on the Latest iPhone – iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad can access the VPN. While it may not be a feature that everyone uses often, it is a very important and must-have feature on an iPhone.

Maybe someone doesn’t know. Simply put, a VPN allows you to connect to a virtual private network. For example, on the network you normally use, Site A is blocked. you can open Site A with VPN because it is using private network. You can open many blocked sites. Hehehe

iPhone with all its advantages is able to attract the interest of many people to use it. One of the advantages of this Apple smartphone is the availability of VPN functionality. VPN itself is an application that allows users to access various sites easily and freely.

One app that helps to use VPN on iPhone is OpenVPN. The OpenVPN app on iPhone is free and can be downloaded for free via the App Store. So you can use a free VPN on your iPhone via OpenVPN. How to setup VPN on iPhone is also easy with this OpenVPN.

After successfully using this VPN on iPhone, you can access blocked networks. Take Vimeo for example.

In fact, vpn can open blocked sites. The convenience of using the vpn feature is not used by many people, but the iPhone can provide the best for you by using this feature. How to set up a free vpn on iPhone is one of the things that most iPhone users want the most.

Here’s How to Use Openvpn on the Latest iPhone

How to Use Openvpn on iPhone

1. First, first download the application. here

2. After that, open it in the browser

and click the following link vpngate(dot)net

3. Just choose the Thai one (don’t choose the 0 sessions, usually you can’t connect)

4. Click openvpn

5. Just choose one and continue to download

6. Open the file and select the share logo on the top right

7. Choose openvpn

8. Select add

9. Check and continue to add again

10. Done connected

If you can’t connect, for example, look for something else, then just try again.

It’s a bit complicated, but it’s free and as long as I use it, it’s fine.

I hope it helps and I hope that when I watch it goes smoothly

Not all devices have access to the vpn feature, and iPhones do have access to it. This feature will help you in many ways, especially if you have a high curiosity and interest in collecting complete information, one of which is opening blocked sites.

A few ways to use Openvpn on the latest iPhone


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