How To Use Onenote On Laptop

How To Use Onenote On Laptop – Hello!! because yesterday my article was quite busy, I asked for an article on how to make summary notes in Onenote, so I’m trying to make this article as a real beginner in Onenote.

You can find Microsoft OneNote on your laptop or computer using Microsoft Office. Many people do not understand the function and use of Microsoft OneNote. In the end, OneNote is just an accessory on the desktop. Although this app is an amazing program.

Microsoft OneNote is an app that you can use to organize important notes. One of them is to make a summary of your lecture notes. Usually you need a book or notes. With so many lessons, notes are strewn everywhere. You may have trouble finding the ingredients you need.

For those who have cellphones, you no longer need to carry a notebook to take notes. With the OneNote app, you can save these notes on your laptop. Also, if our laptop is connected, we can automatically save these records in the clouds. The advantage is that you can access our records anytime, anywhere

First of all, I’m sorry if there are many shortcomings, this is my first time writing an article. Actually, I still haven’t really mastered the tools in Onenote, I’m still a beginner and still learning, if you want to add something or remind me if I’m wrong ^^

How To Use Onenote On Laptop

How To Use Onenote On Laptop

1. For the first time, you make a new notebook first, you can click ‘File‘ in the left corner of Onenote, then click on the ‘New‘, later it will appear like this, all you have to do is name the notebook, if I made it a semester myself, then just click on the ‘Create Notebook

2. After creating a new note, it will appear like this, make the ‘New Section‘ that is if I myself am replaced with the courses in that semester. To add a section, you can click the sign ‘plus(+)‘ That’s it, then just change the name later.

3. Oh yes, you are free, you can change the paper size to any size, coincidentally there is a choice too. You just need to go to the tab ‘View‘ keep clicking ‘Paper Size‘.

4. You can also make the paper look like it has a grid or change the color of the paper. It’s also the same in the tab ‘View‘ later you just click ‘Rules Line‘ if you want to use a grid or something else, then ‘Page Color‘ to change the color of the paper.

5. Incidentally this is mine this semester. First, I made the title first, because this first week I got an introduction to educational psychology, so I used that title, so later on, you are free to type in subtitles and the contents of the material where you want.

6. You can set the writing you want to make from which end to which end, which is designated, you can slide it, can be widened to the side or reduced like that.

7. If you want to get the material for the next meeting or new material, you can click ‘Add Page‘ on the right side, you’ll just have to type in the title of the material.

8. Finally, only you save. But if I don’t like saving myself, every time I open Onenote, my notes don’t disappear, they’re still in Onenote. Save it can also be a pdf or something else. Maybe you want to print it, maybe you can choose a pdf.

Fyi, for the font itself, I downloaded it from Dafont, bro, there are lots of cute fonts. For myself, I often use the Bertha Melanie font for the title, Best School, and a coffee shop.

Maybe that’s how much the article used to be, I’m sorry that before that there were still many shortcomings, we’re all learning together, cheers xixi

A few ways to use Onenote on a laptop


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