How to Use MOSO Fake Chat Line Android

How to Use MOSO Fake Chat Line Android – first of all I FINALLY made this article, guys, because apparently a lot of people are interested in app 1, so happy reading the article so that you can understand my language well.

Are you confused what to do? It would be more fun to have a fake chat with the moso app, that’s all, just take a screenshot and upload it to social media.

Today many people use fake chat applications to create funny memes that are entertaining or just for fun. Using fake chat apps, you can create fake chat lines, some of which are very similar to real chats. For fake chat applications, this apk is often used by online shop sellers to make recommendations to convince potential buyers.

In addition to online store players, this application is also starting to be widely used by sad singles who need attention and love. You can also follow this trend by creating fake kpop chats using some fake chat apps. Besides being used for funny jokes, you can also use it as a chat tool with famous Indonesian or world artists.

How to Use MOSO Fake Chat Line Android

How to Use MOSO Fake Chat Line Android

1. Download the apk first, it’s not in the playstore, I downloaded it from google, it’s safe, there’s no virus and friends so far

here’s the link

2. For those of you who have never downloaded an apk outside of the Playstore, after downloading this, go to my files, find the download folder, press the apk. choose install then it will appear on your homescreen si MOSO it’s ok

3. Just open the app, if there is an option like this, press later

4. Well at first it looks like there must be a lot of chat with AI characters, right (I can’t give SS because I deleted it) You press point 3 on the right each time the AI ​​deletes chat with the character, don’t chat there, it will be answered in Japanese

this is how to delete chat with characters, yes, if in chara you can’t delete “You” because no, btw the one on the far left has Hearts, just leave it alone or not, I don’t know what it is

5. OK, go ahead, now add character dongs, of course, it’s very easy, bestie, just choose the middle one (Character) then press the + sign on the top right, it will appear like this,

choose which HEART (Make All By Myself)

6. Later it will look like this, fill in the display name and then the PP from your device, the rest just leave it and press save on the top right, asked if you want to chat, don’t choose it yes

7. When I go back to talk, it’s already there, yes, we can chat with Udin guys.

8. If you press the menu on the top right, a lot of choices will appear like this, I’ll explain 1 1 yeah

-the how to just press it later there will be a little explanation from the apk

–the second one is Chat UI

Now, this is for changing the top and bottom view, guys, there are patterns 1 and 2, so I’ll show you what the difference is

BFF pattern 1, OMG pattern 2

I personally use pattern 2 because it looks more like the original line

– Next there are push messages, these are for making notifications on your cellphone, I don’t recommend it because it looks good, just look at it, if you make a notification, it’s better memnotify

-next there is a chat mode, there are 3 yes

Normal, Tour, Novel

> the normal one is what we usually use now to edit chat et al

> honest tour I don’t know why I’ve never used it

> this novel mode is quite interesting, so it will show you the chat per bubble that appears, it can be auto or manual

> if you select auto, it will appear again like pic 3, it’s a matter of how many seconds after 1 chat bubble will appear automatically, usually this is for screen recording of video content, so replies appear per chat, that’s the story.

> if it’s manual every time you click enter it appears.

I can’t include the video, sorry

-Furthermore, there is an auto add date, so the clock will follow your cellphone clock and a marker will appear in the middle of the date, cake like this, if you press today you can also change your brain, how come the writing is free

–Chara icon size, this regulates how big the pp bulletin picture on the left (the interlocutor) has, there are many sizes, only if you want the normal one, just stay small

pic 2 extra large pic 3 small (default)

– Custom colors, oh yes, btw, this is what you saw earlier, I set the custom colors myself. Initially, the right bubble was green, the left bubble was white, if I’m not mistaken, then the top is dark blue. change 1 app btw

– The screenshot later on when he SS Chat can save it to the gallery, but I use manual SS more often

-next there is a delete all message, yes, you can delete all messages, can’t go back

– there is an edit to the mem/mem change it can change org and add org (become a group) if it becomes a group, the name of udin changes to the name of the group

–Chat Background. There are 4 choices, there are 2 from the app, free color, send an image from our gallery

pic 2 bg 2, the previous one was bg 1

–Change time in chat, once you change the date/time, it will follow that and don’t go back to the date according to your cellphone.

– lock icon show/hide basically, it’s just like this, it doesn’t really matter where it is btw the top left huh

– You can adjust the message text size according to your reading comfort, I usually use 19/20 like pic 3

– search message the same as in the original line

– save as text data, I don’t know, I’ve never tried it


-delete chat, already deleted the chat room, si udin, the characters are still there, right?

Now go to the menu for each chat with the bottom, I hope you don’t get sick of reading this article because it’s really long and really need an explanation ++ so that you can use it comfortably and comfortably

I’ll continue tomorrow, I’ll update because I can’t do much in the draft, I hope this is enough to help, ok, I’ll continue the article later

A few ways to use MOSO Fake Chat Line Android


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