How to use Mixlr on a cellphone for an online concert

How to use Mixlr on a cellphone for an online concert – What is an online concert? In the past, online concerts were generally broadcast live by the artist’s agency via the YouTube or vlive platforms, and non-resident fans could also watch them.

Now, but in the Jigeum era, K-popers who want idol concerts have to be postponed due to the epidemic, or if idols are on hiatus, proactively stream their idol songs through the following methods.

Previously, Mixlr was often used for fans who wanted to share concert audio streams with other fans who couldn’t attend live concerts, especially overseas fans, but now Mixlr is being used again to create broadcast-style broadcasts.

Usually broadcasts are announced and hypnotized via Twitter, and you can request songs too! Well, it’s similar to radio. I saw a lot of fans doing this audio broadcast yesterday.

So, just for fun, in this post I will discuss how to broadcast audio or commonly called online fan concert via mixlr.

How to use Mixlr on a cellphone for an online concert

1. You can download this app directly from Google Play Store here

2. If this is your first time using Mixlr, you will need to create a new account.

3. After your account is created and activated, please login, OK?

4. Select broadcast from your cellphone screen

5. From here, you can schedule a broadcast or start a live live.

– Select New live event
– Select start event now

If you want to make a schedule, you can, just adjust it to your date.

6. If you start your event now, you can enter title and description live and click continue

7. Manage your broadcast

If you want to change your broadcast configuration, tap the icon Settings located in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Here, you will find the following options:

Broadcast quality: Normal or high. The biggest difference between these 2 broadcasting modes lies in how much bandwidth is expended.

Category: Choose the most suitable category for your broadcast. This will help you get a large audience.

Recording mode:if this option is disabled, your broadcast will be permanently deleted as soon as it is finished.

Test broadcasts:: this is for testing only, Select this option if you don’t want to share your broadcast on Mixlr or any social network. This way your broadcast will remain public, but your followers will not be notified and

8. Click go live

Click go live and you will broadcast your concert live

9. Stop and save the broadcast

When you’re ready to go on air, tap the stop button.

How to Join Mixlr on Mobile via Twitter Base

> Click the link opens in Mixlr Web.

> Search “musiconvo” for those who use the Mixlr app.

> Do not request songs during the mixlr.

> Retweet in the thread head so more people join.

A few ways to use Mixlr on a cellphone for online concerts


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