How to Use Mandiri SMS Banking

How to Use Mandiri SMS Banking

What is Mandiri SMS Banking?

SMS Banking Mandiri is one of the services provided by Bank Mandiri to make it easier for its customers to perform various banking transactions without having to go to the nearest bank branch.

You can use this service on all types of cellphones as long as credit is available.

Mandiri SMS Banking Fee

Mandiri SMS Banking fees are very affordable. The transaction fee is only SMS Fee + IDR 500 only. For SMS notifications, you will also be charged a fee of IDR 500.

What Transactions Can Be Done Using SMS Banking Mandiri

There are many banking transactions that you can do by using this Mandiri SMS Banking, including:

  • Transfer funds: Either to other Bank Mandiri accounts or transfers between banks.
  • Check savings account balances, foreign exchange, and loans.
  • Information: Mandiri visa billing information, the last 5 transactions in the account, information on deposit interest rates, savings interest rates and foreign exchange rates.
  • Can be used to pay the following bills: Mandiri VISA, Telkom, Telkom Flexi, KartuHALO, Matrix, Xplor, Fren, Esia, StarONE, Garuda, Air Efata, Air Asia, Adam Air, Merpati Air, Riau Air, Travel Agent, PLN , PBB, Kompas, XL Kita, IndosatNET, CBN Internet, Cable Vision, Indovision, Multiartha, AXA Mandiri, Bina Sarana Informatika, Perbanas Jakarta, Amikom Yogya.
  • Can be used to purchase top-up vouchers from: simPATI, IM3 Smart, Mentari, free XL, Flexi Trendy, Fren and Esia and StarONE.
  • SMS notification: debit/credit with a certain value, refusal of check/bilyet giro, JT of deposit accounts, and account balances below a certain value.
  • PIN change.

How to Register for Mandiri SMS Banking

To take advantage of this Mandiri SMS Banking service, you must register first. Make sure you have an active Bank Mandiri account and an ATM card (if registration is done via ATM).

Register Via ATM

  • Come to Mandiri ATM
  • Enter ATM card and PIN
  • Select the “Other Transactions” menu, then select the “E-Banking Registration” menu, click the “SMS Banking” menu and select “SMS Mandiri Registration”.
  • Enter the mobile number you want to register
  • Create an Mandiri SMS Banking PIN containing a 6-digit number
  • Enter date of birth
  • Enter the OTP (One Time Password) code sent from 3335 (Mandiri SMS) to the registered mobile number.

NB: registration at an ATM will only give you access to non-financial transactions such as balance information.

Come Directly to the Branch Office

If you want access to financial transactions such as transfers & payments, then you have to register at the branch office. You only need to bring a few documents such as an ID card, Mandiri ATM card, Mandiri savings book, as well as the cellphone and SIM card that will be used. Furthermore, Bank Mandiri Customer Service will help you to activate SMS Banking.

For more information, contact the nearest Bank Mandiri branch or call Call Mandiri at 14000.

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How to Use Mandiri SMS Banking

In general, there are 2 ways to use SMS Banking Mandiri, namely:

Via Dial Up to *141#

  • Open the phone menu on your cellphone.
  • Type *141#, then click dial. Select Bank Mandiri. Select the service you want to use. Example: transfer or buy. Here are the shortcut codes that you can choose from:
    • Check balance : *141*6*2*1#
    • Check mutation: *141*6*2*2#
    • Credit card billing info : *141*6*2*3#
    • Interest rate info : *141*6*2*4#
    • Independent rate info : 141*6*2*5#
    • How to transfer via SMS Banking Mandiri to others: *141*6*3*1#
    • How to transfer SMS Banking Mandiri to another bank: *141*6*3*2#
    • Pay phone bill : *141*6*4*1#
    • Top up e-Money : *141*6*5*3#
  • Follow the next instructions.
  • This method is quite easy to do.


  • Open the SMS application on your cellphone.
  • Type the SMS according to the service format you want to use. Here are some examples of the formats:
    • Check Mandiri SMS banking balance: SAL (own account code*)
    • Check Mandiri SMS Banking Mutation: TRN (own account code)
    • Transfer SMS banking Mandiri to other: TRT (own account code) (destination account number) (amount)
    • Transfer to another bank : TRB (own account code) (bank code) (destination account number) (amount)
    • Check Mandiri credit card bills: TGH KK (16 digits Mandiri credit card number) (date of birth dd/mm/yy)
    • Check savings interest rate: TAB
    • Buy credit: ISI (own account code) (HP no.) (nominal credit)
    • Pay Telkom: BYR (own account code) (HP no.)
    • Pay Electricity : BYR PLN (own account code) (12 digit customer ID)
    • Pay for PAM water: BYR (PAM code) (own account code) (12 digits of customer ID)
    • Pay BPJS: BYR BPJSKESIN (own account code) (89888 + last 11 digits BPJS card no.)
    • Pay tuition: BYR (campus code) (own account) (student number)
  • Send SMS to 3355
  • You will receive a transaction confirmation SMS & instructions to enter your multiple digit PIN. Send replies as per instructions.
  • You will get a reply SMS containing the status of the transaction.


You can register for Mandiri SMS Banking at an ATM or visit your nearest Bank Mandiri branch. The service fee itself starts from IDR 500 – IDR 1,000, depending on the service you use. Mandiri SMS will make your banking transactions easier, it can be done using all types of cellphones.



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