How to Use Digital Online Seal on Hp

How to Use Digital Online Seal on Hp – Finally, there is no need to go back and forth to buy stamps or print documents, where when I put the stamp on it tends to tilt again, so there must be a backup of the stamps and documents

keep sticking it with spit because there is no glue.

Yesterday I made a statement to a government agency. Well at first I used an e-seal, now as far as I know the e-seal wasn’t stacked with the ttd, but the head of this agency didn’t want to, I didn’t want to re-use the stamp,

The problem is, why is the problem with this cake (using the e-seal) not reaching the government agency itself

I used to know that there was an e-stamp from a radio advertisement. Now, my aunt who always wfh always buys e-stamp and it’s much more efficient. For e-sign, I usually use Adobe

You already know that there is no digital seal yet, I want to give you a tutorial on how to use a digital seal so that you will be more updated

It can be done via the e-stamp website too, but several times when I bought it, it was still error prone either in the application section or in the final document and not all agencies have received digital stamps like this

The higher the need for transactions and digital correspondence, it will be very complicated if you have to print documents – paste the seals and then send them via post. The existence of an e-seal certainly facilitates our needs.

what you need to know, this is the first application that provides legal and legal e-seal, because this application works with PERURI, do you know PERURI or not? Money Printing Company of the Republic of Indonesia.

How to Use Digital Online Seal on Hp

Just go to the tutorial-

1. First you download the apk, the name is eMet : Here

2. continue to register, verify, just follow the steps

3. Then, if it’s been verified, you press the plus button below – upload file – select the file you want to give the stamp with the signature

4. Make the sign, save it, install it, slide it until it fits in its place

If it’s right click Continue on

5. In the confirmation column, select “eMET balance” and continue to process the document

send OTP then enter the OTP code sent to your number, wait a moment, ok so

6. taraa done, please see the results

The good news is, you will get 2 E-Signature Freebies that you can try

This apk is still in beta, meaning there are still some features that are not perfect, for example in the payment section you can’t use the BCA and OVO method, but later it will definitely be improved again.

For the time being, the minimum top up is 5 stamps, for 60k, so 1 stamp is equivalent to 12 thousand too

It’s easy to use eMET, it’s easy to make it calm, let’s try it, if something is not clear, just ask in the column, I’ll definitely answer


1. If the signature e-stamp is also collided?


It’s okay, aside from that, btw, before using the e-seal, ask the relevant agency first, the use of the e-seal is not accepted, I’m afraid it will be rejected, eh, I asked for a sticky stamp

2. Does that mean the invoice is only stamped & signed, can’t it be stamped? For example, why are the spaces so far apart, it’s the stamp and the signage

Answer: Yes, Sis, because this is a digital seal, inside the stamp is a barcode that cannot be covered by other objects.

3. Is the document with digital stamp accepted by the company’s administrative / legal department?

Legal people usually (though not all) if it can be difficult why should it be easy

Answer: You have to ask the company, Sis, because it’s still a transition period

what is clear is legally official and legal

A few ways to use the digital online seal on a cellphone.


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