How to use clickbait titles in blogger

IT People Blog – Clickbait means increasing odds with less trapping. If we pay attention in the last 1 or 2 years, the writing trend shows that more and more media are using clickbait techniques in the title, even the content.

The way to write the title in the news seems to trap the reader with a pun that makes them curious and misperceptions. Those of you who have often run advertising campaigns may be familiar with this, advertisers usually play with sentences or impressions that have been arranged in such a way as to attract the audience.

Below are some examples of clickbait in creating titles:

use of clickbait titles

You can make a title like this too, but also adjust it to what topic your blog is discussing, I give an example of an article title about technology. Title : “Latest, Download Youtube Videos Without Quota At All”. Or “The Latest Trick to Download Youtube Videos 100% Free 0 Internet Quota”.

Then what is explained in the contents of the article? When I stream youtube, I record the laptop screen using the camtasia studio application. What is on your laptop screen will be saved and become a video format. 100% free right?

The download does not use quota at all. Indeed, we don’t download it directly, but the main point in this article is that videos can be saved on the computer and played offline.

Just like downloaded. There is no formula for creating titles that attract people or clickbait and it’s free, you will be familiar with creating titles to attract readers.

Don’t forget to pay attention to how big sites work to get visitors. I still remember how my first blog became big, at that time I made an article with the title “the newest Telkomsel free internet trick for a lifetime via an Android phone” of all brands and types.

At that time, Android was indeed easy for free internet, many people made similar articles but did not use horrendous titles.

Unfortunately, I locked the article about 1 year ago for several reasons, if you search for it now, it’s still available on google but from the AGC blog, I deliberately let the blog clone the article.

During the heyday of the article, when you type in Google “Android internet tricks, Telkomsel tricks, Telkomsel free internet”, or in other words, the article is always on page one. Actually, the purpose of a lifetime here is not a trick that can’t die, but because the content of the post is always updated every time there is new material, not by me making another post but editing existing posts.

Clickbait is actually a ridiculous title writing technique, no matter the content, it’s the title that matters.

Another example:

– This sadistic murder was revealed from just a single fingernail

– Gosh, this artist used to often do crazy things, number 7 amazes me.

You often see titles like that? Please if you want to follow in their footsteps, there are no special techniques, only puns and horrendous picture illustrations.

You can learn to write clickbait titles from portals such as tribunnews and others, many websites have articles uploaded there.

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