How to Use Canva’s TikTok Design Template


This article discusses how to use TikTok-related templates as content using Canva. There have provided several TikTok templates that can make it easier for you to make video content, backsounds, covers, and other things related to video content or design on the TikTok platform. Moreover, the TikTok platform has become popular with various types of videos created by Content Creators for TikTok, coupled with a large selection of video filters or effects that support the video content to become attractive results for viewers.

You can increase your productivity and value your ability in TikTok content which is useful if you are in a Digital Marketing or Content Creator environment. TikTok is known as an Algorithm system that can be said to be sophisticated in displaying videos based on the habits of users or viewers of TikTok videos and you can use this system to benefit from product promotion videos for those of you who work as Digital Marketing.

The author provides a tutorial for using Canva’s TikTok template to create video content or supporting elements such as video covers for video content to be uploaded to TikTok. With tutorials like this, it is hoped that you can create video content that produces interesting videos for TikTok users to watch.


1. Visit the site Canva.

2. Log in correctly and correctly.

3. Type “tiktok” in the search field and it immediately appears that there are several TikTok templates that you can use.

4. Select TikTok Video to use the design template to create video content that will be uploaded to TikTok. You can choose other TikTok templates according to your needs.

5. Choose a TikTok template according to your needs.

6. Edit the video content according to your imagination and creativity.

7. Click Download >>> Choose MP4 type >>> Click Download.

8. Go to site TikTok via a web browser from your PC or laptop.

9. Log in to your TikTok account correctly and correctly.

10. Click the upload icon to upload the TikTok video content that has been created in Canva.

11. Click Select File.

12. Choose TikTok video content that you have downloaded from Canva.

13. Fill in the caption along with the cover that matches the video content. Don’t forget to check the copyright of the assets or elements used in the video before posting the video.

14. Click Post.

15. Click View Profile.

16. Here are the results.



You can create video content that will be uploaded to TikTok by using the TikTok Design Template provided by Canva with a screen size that complies with TikTok’s provisions for content. For content creators or digital marketing, it is very suitable for creating video content such as promotional items, short vlogs, short story telling, and other positive things.

After you create video content for TikTok from Canva which can be uploaded to TikTok via Desktop, Web, or Mobile (in general).


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