How to Use BirdTornado Money Making App

How to Use BirdTornado Money Making AppBirdTornado is a simple game that is fun and not too difficult to complete the level tips, but the downside is that you can only get a tornado when you spin

BirdTornado is a fun game but the only problem now is that I can’t watch Tornado ad free and I can’t play wheel anymore because it doesn’t provide ads.

as others have mentioned, some people can’t watch to claim a tornado, and can’t spin the wheel (Because there’s a limit)

users who give them 1-2 stars only care about the money they suck from the developer. They don’t even play games. This game works flawlessly, and it’s a lot of fun when you play it.

How to Use BirdTornado Money Making App

– Download BirdTornado on playstore

– login with gmail

– If you have logged in, continue

– If you don’t want to bother playing the game, just go to the menu in the lower left corner of the basket image

– Watch Ads. 1 Advertisement 4 Tornadoes delay 1 minute, 1 day max 40 Tornadoes from viewing advertisements

– Reset every 8 am, so don’t throw away accounts that have been registered, so tomorrow you can see ads again

How to Use BirdTornado Money Making App

– For those who want to be lazy, you can use memu/ld/f1vm for free


*** For those who want to bother playing the game for gacha, you have to get the key for gacha, 1x gacha requires 5 keys/key

– Play the game until the 3rd stage opens, then choose the boss mode

Fyi: if you can beat 8boss, you can get 7keys, you can x2 by watching ads, until the 7th boss gets 5keys, and so on.

If your gacha smells good, you can get 2000 instant tornadoes


!! Just a suggestion, send it as 1 wallet to swap to klaynya, send tornado fee to another wallet, gas up to 1tornado, 0 comma

!! Don’t sell it to collectors, especially those with rates below 10K/40 tornadoes. Ask to increase the rate after this is okay

!! Rate now if I’m not mistaken 500 Tornadoes = 8 WEMIX CREDIT = 12 KLAY / Around $15 #cmiiw

!! KLAY RATE on Binance $1.2 up and down



How to sell/exchange tornadoes to klay

1. Download the app Wemix Wallet on playstore

2. Login kelean collector account with google

3. Click the Tornado coin

4. Click DEX

5. Sell tornado kelean, later the results will become wemix credit

6. If you already have wemix credit, just swap to klay.

7. Click Wemix Credit, Select Klay swap

8. If you have become a klay, all you have to do is go to your respective binance

FYI: At least sell tornadoes so wemix credit is a multiple of 100, right?

It’s a nice and fun game, I got 1500 pesos in this game, thanks birdtornado, worth to watch ad because you can actually cash out… I already put cash into my gcash account,.. its free just watched some ads , play and spin to get a tornado

if you like shooter games or even NFT games too, plus if you are feeling bad or want to relieve stress, you can spend some time playing those games. make a YouTube video about the game


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