How to Upgrade or Downgrade AWS Support Plan


AWS Support Plan is a feature or support service provided by AWS to AWS users according to their needs and scale in building a technology-based project with cloud computing as infrastructure and/or server. This AWS Support Plan consists of 4 plan packages which include Basic, Developer, Business, and Enterprise. All of these plan packages have several supporting features and services along with applying a monthly AWS Charge nominal.

For example, if you are a beginner in using AWS cloud computing in creating a system or infrastructure, both application-based and network-based, then you can choose the AWS Support Plan Basic package where you do not need to issue a monthly AWS Charge based on the use of supporting services such as Techincal Support 24. hours.

If you have a large-scale ICT-based system or application that still relies on cloud computing from other providers who want to migrate to AWS cloud computing, you can choose AWS Support Developer or above to get the benefits of AWS Technical Support that can assist you in migrating these applications from other cloud computing providers to AWS.

The author provides tutorials for upgrading or downgrading the AWS Support Plan within a regular AWS account, not AWS Educate or Academy. This tutorial can be applied according to the needs and budget that is in your hands to build an information technology (IT) based project with cloud computing AWS (Amazon Web Services).


1. Visit the site AWS.

2. Click Sign In to Console.

3. Enter IAM or email and password correctly.

4. Click Support >>> Support Center.

5. Click Change to upgrade or downgrade the AWS Support Plan.

6. Click Change Plan.

7. Choose the AWS Support Plan that suits your needs and make sure you have read or know the benefits and considerations for the AWS Charge every month that is obtained from the AWS Support Plan. After that, click Change Plan.

After selecting the AWS Support Plan that suits your needs, then wait a few moments up to 15 minutes. To upgrade this AWS Support Plan, there is usually a request for verification of the card number or bank account that is currently active in your AWS account. Meanwhile, this AWS Support Plan downgrade does not require any verification.


You make sure you have sufficient balance or more in the current bank account in your AWS account. This process costs USD 1 (1 US Dollar) or the equivalent between IDR 13,000 – 14,500 to verify your AWS account in order to successfully upgrade your AWS Support Plan.



This AWS cloud computing (Amazon Web Services) provides several AWS Support packages that AWS account users can choose to build an ICT-based project with AWS cloud computing services that suit their needs, scale, and budget.

Each AWS Support Plan package has several benefits, such as Technical Support services that apply to AWS Support Plan Developer, Business, or Enterprise.

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