How to Untag Mention Accounts on Twitter

How to Untag Mention Accounts on Twitter – Twitter is now back to being one of the most used social media by young people. New terms also appear in the application made by Jack Dorsey. “The Rebahan” is probably one of the phrases from Twitter that is now known by all levels of society. Not only that, the dissemination of information on Twitter is also considered by some as the fastest application platform.

However, some users may not like certain content that contains mentions of people who comment on the same post as you. Twitter allows such a system because it wants to allow users to connect with each other to find friends that match their interests.

But many also think that what you don’t need to read is spam. So we offer tips on how to get rid of your unwanted mentions. Some people often mention each other in their tweets on Twitter.

However, not a few people are sometimes bothered by unknown names/mentions. It turns out that apart from directly disturbing people, there are other ways. Twitter already has a new feature to delete other people’s mentions. how do you do it? the following

How to Untag Mention Accounts on Twitter

How to Untag Mention Accounts on Twitter

1. First, look for the thread / post that you have to mention

2. Click replying to

3. Then later it will come out like this

4. Just choose, just press the checklist so it can be uploaded

5. Well, it’s going to be like this

At first glance it looks similar to the hashtag feature on Instagram, but uses a different medium. This also applies to the ability to remove tags from photos on Twitter.

Dominic Camozzi shared a screenshot of the notification bar on Twitter for mobile. Users will be warned about tweets mentioning the user. Added “mention yourself” feature. This means users can remove mentions from tweets without their knowledge.


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