How to Uninstall Android Applications on HP Realme specifically for Android 11

This article discusses a tutorial for removing or uninstalling Android applications installed on a Realme Android 11 cellphone using the Realme default ROM. If I’m not mistaken, the name of the default Realme ROM specifically for Android 11 is Realme UI.

Realme UI is not added with additional applications outside of Realme products such as the Pinjol application, E-Commerce, Marketplace, games that are on the rise (trend), social media, and streaming. With this system, it is more convenient for HP Realme users who don’t like online shopping, Pinjol, playing games, and trending things.

Disclaimer, this tutorial only applies to Realme smartphone users specifically for Android 11 who are still using the default ROM, not the Custom ROM.

For how to delete Android applications, this is a little different from the way in general that there are most Realme phones of different types.

Moreover, the storage capacity in your Realme cellphone has been or is almost full which can affect the performance of your Realme cellphone such as the speed in sliding the screen or slow performance. To overcome things like this, then you have to delete one or more Android applications that are not used or important to you on the cellphone.

The author provides a tutorial to uninstall the Android application installed on the Realme HP specifically for Android 11, which is still the default ROM.


1. Open the application menu by sliding the bottom of the screen up until the application installed on the Realme cellphone appears.

2. Select the application you want to delete from the Realme phone, press and hold on the selected application >>> Application Info.

3. Tap Uninstall.


Now, the application that you selected has been removed or uninstalled from your Realme cellphone thereby reducing storage usage on the Realme cellphone. Moreover, applications that involve a lot of deep data that can be located in the obb section such as game applications.


For those of you who have a special Realme cellphone for Android 11 who have problems with the performance of the cellphone caused by the many applications installed on the cellphone that can reduce storage capacity. To anticipate things like that, then you can uninstall one or more installed applications that are not important for you in daily cellphone use.

With a note, this tutorial can only be followed if the owner of the HP Realme specifically for Android 11 uses the default ROM, not the Custom ROM on the grounds that it has a different way of uninstalling the Android application installed on the cellphone.

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