How to Unfollow Twitter at the same time which is not active and does not follow back

1. Open Twitter on google chrome (PC)

2. Open Twitter Profile

3. Select Following

4. Press F12 Select Console

How to Unfollow Inactive Accounts

1. The first one is to download the apk from the Playstore, the name is “UNFOLLOW TODAY

How to make it? Next

2. Open the apk, then log in. Don’t worry, it’s safe!

don’t forget to login, click “allow app“, it does not matter.

3. Later when you log in using “unfollow today”, on Twitter there will be a warning like the one drawn, but just ignore it.

Doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter, isn’t dangerous.

4. This is what the apk looks like. The one with the X logo is the one that doesn’t match. Please unfollow/block or whatever, it’s up to you, it’s okay too ehehhe kidding zeyeng


It has a lot of features, you can click the menu (thumbs up), then whatever is available will come out

Well this is the most important part.

How to Unfollow Twitter at the same time that doesn’t follow back

1. For those who don’t follow back
Slide, select the menu section earlier and then select the not following back

For Inactive Users
The trick, scroll down the menu section earlier and select the “Inactive users” (fck emote, uh thumbs up).
First, choose if you want to find an acc that has been inactive for how long.

The options are 1 month, 2 months, and 3 months.

2. If you have clicked the search icon, wait until the loading is ready. Then all the acc will appear that is never on again.

3. Then it’s up to you to clean it or not 🙂

continue. Now to the stage of securing our account to make it more secure.

How to secure an account after using the above application

After every time you make “unfollow today” it’s better to revoke the access right away. The method? Look at the picture. There’s a thumbs up emoticon.

– Settings and Privacy > Account
– Once you have clicked on “apps and sessions”, do this:

– There will be a logo ‘unfollow today‘, you click, (

– Then if there is writing ‘revoke access‘ click again.


There’s a question here!

If someone is angry because they found that I wasn’t a police officer, that’s a sign that the contents of your account don’t match mine! I don’t know if it’s CA, RP, KOREAAN, OR ANYTHING that makes me uncomfortable. So if you want to unfollow, please

Okay, it’s very easy, so many articles on how to unfollow accounts that are not active and don’t follow back on Twitter

Hopefully with this tutorial this time can be useful for all of you. If you have any questions, please comment in the comments column below. Thank you.


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