How to Unfollow Tiktok Accounts Quickly Without an Application

How to Unfollow Tiktok Accounts Quickly Without an Application – In this discussion, we will share with you how to unfollow everyone on TikTok. Today, TikTok is a very popular social media app for sharing entertaining videos.

The “TikTok Artists” on the TikTok app create and share tons of funny, cool and entertaining videos. The app was first launched in September 2016. However, when it first appeared, TikTok’s popularity was not high, and it was still inferior to Snapchat and Instagram.

In Indonesia, TikTok also had problems until it had to be blocked by the government in 2018. This application is considered to have a lot of bad negative content, especially for children. However, the blocking did not last long, and TikTok was enjoyed by users again. It was only in 2019 that TikTok began to be seen and attracted by many people. Towards the end of 2019, TikTok’s popularity continued to grow rapidly.

In fact, TikTok was ranked as the second most downloaded app in the world in 2019, according to the Sensor Tower website. TikTok’s downloads have even surpassed the big apps that have dominated online app stores in recent years, from Facebook to Instagram. Like some social media in general, we can follow other people and other people can follow us.

How to Unfollow Tiktok Accounts Quickly Without an Application

1. open the tools link here

2. scroll down and select free 7 days trial

3. After that register, you can register there or google email

4. that’s it check out the robot

5. if you click on my product, if you check out successfully, a robotic tool will appear, if not, try checking out again

6. if there is, clicked robot

7. After that click download robotok

8. select the chrome logo, it will be transferred to the chrome extension, please install robot

9. if you have installed the robot, you can go to the tiktok page first + tiktok login the account you want to reduce the following,

10. continue click on the robot that was in the extensionthen log in using the account that you registered at the beginning on Komunitasmea.

10. if you click auto unfollow

11. After that, click start and let it go, then it will unfollow itself

12. if you use android the method is the same, but use the apk kiwi browser to download the chrome extension.

Robotok tools are not just auto unfollow, there are also auto follow, comments, research hashtags, content, etc., just try it bro

May it be useful 🙂

Well, what if one day you want to unfollow an account that you previously followed? Do I have to open profiles individually? Of course, this method takes time, effort and time.

Then you need to find a way to immediately unfollow/unfollow tiktok. Here’s how to instantly unfollow everyone you follow. You can follow and unfollow other people’s accounts at any time

A few ways to quickly unfollow a Tiktok account without an application


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