How to Translate Words from Handwriting with Google Translate Android


In this era, it is very easy to get information from various countries in their respective languages, which is definitely needed to translate the information into Indonesian so that it can be read by the Indonesian people. Not only for text information, voice, even handwriting to cellphones can be translated into other languages.

Although, currently there is a lot of information or news content from abroad whose Indonesian Translate version is strange and can even “brainwash” the public so that they can respond to news from abroad with negative opinions and can even lead to fake news from abroad but do not understand what it means. in Indonesian translation. From here you can learn the translation of news information in other languages ​​into Indonesian carefully and correctly so as not to cause misunderstandings as a result of the translation of the information.

Google Translate specifically for Android Mobile has a feature which can translate from language to other language from handwriting written on the cellphone so you can translate words or sentences based on your handwriting from one language to another.

The author provides tutorials for translating words or sentences from one language to another according to your needs or desires in the Google Translate Android application. So, you can learn to add and / or hone vocabulary, words, or translate sentences from other languages ​​to Indonesian with the help of the Google Translate application through handwriting so that you can improve your skills in vocabulary in other languages ​​that can enter your brain.

For those of you who have not installed or installed the Google Translate application on Android, you can download the application through the Google Play Store.


1. Open the Google Translate app on Android.

2. Press the empty text field that says “Enter Text” or “Enter Text”.

3. Choose the origin language and the destination language in translating words or sentences that have been written by hand or by pen touch. For example, translate words or sentences from English to Indonesian.

4. Change the QWERTY soft keyboard model to a handwritten model by pressing the text or message icon.

5. Write one or more words into the blank column by using your hand or pen touch.

6. Press the Next icon located at the bottom-right.

7. Here are the results.

You can connect or continue words that were before they were finished into sentences, question marks (?), or exclamation marks (!) after translating a word in the same way before.



Now, you can translate from one language to another using handwriting either using Pen Touch or without Pen Touch on an Android smartphone. This is suitable for those of you who are lazy in looking for the translation, typed using the QWERTY soft keyboard model in the Google Translate application.


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