How to Transfer to Bank from the Latest ShopeePay

This article discusses a tutorial for transferring to another bank from ShopeePay on an Android or iOS smartphone. This tutorial only applies to ShopeePay Plus users (ShopeePay accounts that have verified the account owner’s information data).

This E-Wallet has become a daily necessity in making transactions and payments of any kind, whether it be buying goods, top up games, top up credit and/or data packages, billing subscriptions, and so on in several Finance Tech applications or Marketplaces. After all, the process to open an E-Wallet is very easy, namely filling in the information data correctly and verifying only with an ID card, for a regular E-Wallet to become Premium or Plus.

For those of you who get income from online sales or affiliates through Shopee, it is certain that the income will enter the ShopeePay balance where the income can be withdrawn in cash via Merchant or transfer to a bank. This also applies to referring players at Shopee during certain events where the commission results will be transferred to the ShopeePay balance.

The author provides a tutorial for transferring money to other banks from Shopee or ShopeePay.


1. Activate the Shopee application on your smartphone.

2. Press the My icon menu.

3. Tap ShopeePay.

4. Press Transfer to Bank.

5. Enter the destination bank to be transferred from ShopeePay such as bank name no. Account which will be checked automatically for valid account number data and the name of the customer of the destination bank appears. If the account number is entered correctly, then you can press CONTINUE.

6. Enter the amount that will be transferred to the customer of the destination or beneficiary bank. After that, press CONTINUE.

7. If you have entered the nominal according to your needs, transfer it to the recipient’s bank customer. Then, hit TRANSFER NOW.

8. Enter your ShopeePay account PIN code correctly.

9. Here are the results.

The author notes that if you transfer money to a destination bank customer other than BNI, BCA, Mandiri, BRI, or SeaBank from ShopeePay. So, try to transfer the money on Monday-Friday because they don’t process on Weekends so you transfer the money from ShopeePay, then next Monday will only enter the transfer from ShopeePay to the recipient’s bank customer.


E-Wallet is a payment method that makes it easy for the public, especially for people who don’t have an ID card or are not old enough to have a bank account, including ShopeePay.

With ShopeePay, you are expected to be able to start a business in the field you are in easily because you don’t need to open a bank account.

The author suggests that the use of this E-Wallet is not used as savings because it often occurs when there is a loss of balance or money at ShopeePay without the knowledge of the ShopeePay account owner. So, be careful when using ShopeePay as anything.

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