How to Track People’s Locations Using the Latest Google Maps

How to Track People’s Locations Using Google Maps – Because many people are asking how to track people, girlfriends, crushes, parents, siblings, etc. in pm w, I want to share how. When we don’t do it, of course we use Google Maps, right?

Google Maps not only serves as a navigation tool to make travel easier, but also has other great features, such as tracking someone’s location. It’s not illegal to track a location on Google Maps, because to find someone’s location, they have to share a request to share their location.

Now it’s easy to track someone’s cell phone location. One application that supports this event is Google Maps. You can use the Google Maps application to find the location of your friends or relatives using the location of your cellphone. The Google Maps application can indeed display directions. Many people use this app to find their way to a specific location.

The Google Maps feature will be updated from time to time to make it easier for users to find places. One of them is the “location sharing” feature. By using this feature, the recipient can find your location in real time.

The development of mobile technology has turned it into a multifunctional device that can be used by all people. Updates to the specifications and components of the cellphone also allow it to perform easy tasks, one of which is tracking the location of the cellphone.

Unfortunately, cell phone tracking is being misused more and more. Many people use this technology to track other crimes that threaten people’s lives. Therefore, applications that track the location of mobile phones are considered a stigma that is detrimental to developers.

How to Track People’s Locations Using Google Maps

1. Open Maps, location sharing

2. Share Location, set to “until you turn this off” (no timeframe, until it turns itself off)”

3. Send it to our email kek in ss, we’ll check it via our email map that was sent

4. Turn off the map target app notificationst, because if the notification is on, there will be an update notification sharing the location (more or less like this the notification only lasts for 5 seconds but will disappear on its own, it’s better to turn it off)

5. check the email we tracked, after that, if it’s updated, just now / just check the gmail that shared it (target email)

6. Open the target’s gmail, there will be a notification sharing the location to the email… just block it and turn it off so it doesn’t enter the target’s email so you don’t know if it’s being tracked


Make sure if you want to check the location of the target cellphone data on + location on, this is accurate, deviated a little at least 10 – 50 meters

Don’t misuse it, hopefully it will be useful.

Google Maps can be said to be very famous because it was made by Google. Its purpose was originally to help users who wish to navigate the journey. However, this app can also gradually find out someone’s location.

Many people use this application, because the use of Google Maps has become a must-have application for HP users to travel. Not only that, maps are also widely used, because how to access them is very easy, here’s more information.

Maybe this is all we can say about How to Track People’s Locations Using the Latest Google Maps. Hopefully this article How to Track People’s Locations Using the Latest Google Maps can be useful for readers wherever they are.


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