How to top up your paypal balance through a local bank (BSI, BRI, Dana, BNI, Permata, Mandiri)

Welcome to IT People Blog. Paypal is a company that provides money transfer services via electronic mail replacing the ancient transfer method that still uses checks and postal money orders to various parts of the world with its head office located in San Jose, California, United States since 1998 which was first founded by Peter Thiel, Ken Howery, Luke Nose, Yu Pan and Max Levchin

Paypal is also a pioneer in the establishment of companies that provide other electronic/digital payment services such as GoPay, OVO, Dana and so on. Even though there are now many choices of virtual accounts, the popularity of paypal remains irreplaceable, especially when you shop for digital products from overseas sites that do not support payment options via local banks but support payment options via paypal

For example, as a blogger I usually buy backlink services, keyword research, themes on Envatomarket, plugins from foreign sites that don’t support payment options through local banks, that’s why I created a paypal account and deposited some funds to make the required transactions.

Even though they are both virtual accounts, paypal is more special than OVO, Dana, LinkAja, Jenius and Gopay for several reasons;

– Paypal can be used to make transactions globally on foreign sites (amazon, ebay, etc..)

– Paypal can accept payments from overseas clients, for those of you a freelancer or blogger like me, you must be used to receiving income from abroad

– Commonly used for transnational transactions

– Paypal balance can be withdrawn directly to local banks (BSI, BRI, Mandiri, Dana, BNI, etc.)

Most virtual accounts only support the place of origin for consumptive purposes, you can use “Dana” to shop at local marketplaces but you can’t use it as a payment method for overseas sites

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PayPal accounts are divided into 2 types of accounts, namely personal and business;

a. personal account, more intended for personal purposes, namely buying and receiving payments in a certain amount. You can accept payments from other accounts but it doesn’t support top up payments via debit or credit cards

Transaction fees through a personal paypal account are cheaper with an average level of protection, meaning that the user’s security when making transactions depends on the user himself. Unfortunately, personal paypal accounts have a limit on the balance of transactions that can be done every month

b. business account, can send and receive payments but is more specifically for business users who intensively use a paypal account as their business payment method. Besides being able to accept payments via credit and debit cards, another advantage of a business account is that users can create an account according to their own company/brand name

Transaction fees are more expensive because they are accompanied by merchant protection, besides that they are more reliable when dealing with naughty buyers who dispute payments, so the impression is safer and calmer for business people

How to top up paypal balance using the latest local bank

In some countries, users can add paypal balance through a bank account that has been confirmed but not valid in Indonesia

I can connect and withdraw paypal balance to local bank account such as BSI, BRI, BNI, Bank Jatim etc. but I can’t do topup from these banks

I usually get a paypal balance from a side business as a blogger whether it’s the result of paying for content placement, affiliate or freelance. I can also add a paypal balance via a credit card even though the nature of using a credit card is actually as an intermediary/liaison when a user makes paypal a payment option, so it doesn’t directly become a paypal balance but is limited to a link to a paypal account limit to a personal credit/debit card

So, every time you make a payment with a paypal account that has been linked to a credit card, the credit card limit will be deducted according to the nominal amount of the transaction made.

You can also buy paypal balances from other people, but never make individual transactions without presenting a third party security that functions as an account.

Share the experience of buying paypal balance online

There are many online sites that offer services for buying and selling paypal balances, but you must be observant to see the reputation of the seller before making a transaction. Make sure they are PT based, have testimonials and have existed for years is one of the most trusted and cheapest paypal balance service sites because I have proven it myself. The reason why I bought my paypal balance on;

– Legal and safe, the paypal balance that I bought has no problems in the future

– Quite cheap, transactions of more than $50 are free of charge and the minimum purchase of a paypal balance is $1

– Supports many payment options such as BCA, BRI, Mandiri, Jenius, PermataBank, CimbNiaga, Gopay, Ovo, Dana, LinkAja

Here’s how to top up your paypal balance using a local bank via the paypal balance service

1. Create an account first, visit then fill in the required data such as name, email, cellphone number and password.. click “List”

how to top up paypal balance

2. Login using the email address and password that you just created to make a PayPal balance purchase transaction at

how to top up paypal balance

3. There are several menu options, to make a paypal balance purchase, please select the menu “Paypal Balance” then in the next window enter the required data such as the amount of your paypal balance, your paypal email address, bank payment options (here I have a BSI Bank Syariah Indonesia)

how to top up paypal balance 3

4. Make a payment within 24 hours, the amount of the bill and the account number for the BSI destination is clearly stated there. Later when you have paid click the button “I’ve transferred”

how to top up paypal4 balance

5. Open the BSI application (I use banking), select the transfer menu > transfer to other BSI accounts

how to top up paypal 5

6. Enter the destination account number, enter the transfer amount and click the transfer button

how to top up paypal6 balance

7. First check whether the account recipient’s name is correct or not, if it’s just a transaction process (back to step-5 > select “I’ve transferred“)

how to top up paypal7 balance

8. Wait 1×12 hours, if you haven’t entered, please contact via the whatsapp number found in the footer or contact menu while attaching a screenshot of proof of transfer

how to top up paypal 8 balance

Isn’t it easy to fill up your paypal balance through a local bank using the paypal balance service from

This is an article about how to top up a paypal balance from a local bank BSI (Bank Syariah Indonesia) through a paypal balance balance service quickly and safely. If you hesitate to buy there, please buy from me at the same rate. Click the WA icon above to connect with whatsapp..



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