How to Top Up Ovo Balance for Free Without Admin Fee

How to Top Up Ovo Balance for Free Without Admin Fee – With the advent of digital wallets today, many people prefer to use them as opposed to cash. The reason is because it is considered easier and faster and transactions are definitely safe, don’t be surprised if everyone already has a digital wallet account.

Even more interesting, you can use many products, such as DANA, LinkAja, OVO, Gopay, ShopeePay, etc. Some of the products we mentioned earlier have several excellent features, such as balance transfers to bank accounts and other users. However LinkAja does not support transfers to virtual accounts.

Therefore, considering that the ShopeePay bank transfer top-up method completely uses a virtual account, we cannot transfer money directly from LinkAja to ShopeePay. When we try to enter a virtual account as a target account in LinkAja, a warning appears: “Sorry, we are unable to process your request at this time.”

How to Transfer Ovo Balance, Shopee Pay, Funds, Just Link To Bank Without Admin Fee

Meanwhile, if you use the BRI virtual account number (BRIVA) in the LinkAja virtual account menu to top up ShopeePay, you have to pay IDR 4,000. However, many users have submitted edits & ideas whether FUNDS can be transferred to LinkAja, as it is not a similar digital currency, and indeed can be done like products like FUND TRANSFER TO GOPAY or OVO.

However, every user must upgrade to DANA Premium. This is one of the mandatory conditions for transferring funds to other people or bank accounts, for that please upgrade the premium funds first. In this discussion, we will tell you how to transfer DANA to LinkAja without paying a fee and the conditions that must be completed.

How to Top Up Ovo Balance for Free Without Admin Fee

* Updates: March 2022

1. Download cash book

2. Enter the bookkeeping application, then profile setup.

3. Go to other menu, set bank account/change bank account (according to the purpose of the account. Where do you want to go to TF)

4. Create a payment link in the other menu. (Minimum nominal 25 thousand) then copy and paste into the browser

5. Choose payment using bank / ewallet.

6. Done, just waiting to enter the account

If you use Shopeepay. Can use bonus balance + coins

This method uses Send Money LinkAja and the Flip interbank transfer service, but this time we don’t have a flip. Before following the steps above, make sure you have upgraded your LinkAja account to Full Service and verify Flip.

If you don’t have time to verify your identity on Flip, don’t worry; they provide a “trial period”, ie a service that does not require verification, and the maximum transfer amount is IDR 500,000.

If you want to transact immediately, please use the IDR 500,000 quota. But after that, you have to verify your Flip account to increase the transfer limit to IDR 5 million per day. So far, it can be concluded that the way to transfer DANA to LinkAja is very easy, what is more interesting is that there is no management fee which is a plus.

While there are other ways to do this, some of the methods do charge a service fee.

As we all know, transaction activities are not only carried out directly (face to face), but also provide many convenience payment methods, one of which is online payments, such as the shopee payment method through funds or what is often referred to as an electronic wallet. .


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