How to Top Up Fund Balance from the Bank Jago Syariah Application

Bank Jago is one of the digital bank services that can make buying and selling products or paying bills, saving, depositing, and other services that can manage your finances stored in Jago bank.

For Bank Jago registration, it can be fairly easy, namely with an ID card / e-KTP, an active cellphone number, an active email, and an NPWP (optional) which will be used to fill in Bank Jago customer identity data through the application on Android or iOS. Moreover, Bank Jago has provided one more bank specifically for Muslims, it does not rule out the possibility that non-Muslims can also use this service, namely Bank Jago Syariah, which is known for having no interest rates at all. In addition, Bank Jago Syariah has another advantage, namely that there are no services or features for applying for a money loan on credit as long as you are a Bank Jago Syariah customer.

With the Jago Syariah digital bank service, it is hoped that it will make it easier to carry out activities related to finance, buying and selling products, paying bills, saving, and so on. This includes refilling cellphone (HP) pulses at low prices through Bank Jago Syariah.

The author provides a tutorial to top up the balance to the DANA E-wallet as needed through Bank Jago Syariah. The author himself does not know the tutorial for topping up pulses through the usual Jago Bank the same as the Jago Syariah Bank, because the author himself uses the Jago Syariah Bank. Before starting to follow this tutorial, make sure you have installed the Bank Jago application and registered as a Bank Jago Syariah account.


1. Open the menu on the Android smartphone.

2. Activate the Bank Jago application.

3. Enter the 6 digit PIN correctly and correctly.

4. Press Send & Pay.

5. Tap e-Wallet.

6. Choose FUND.

8. Make a new contact if you have never filled out the top up balance of the DANA e-Wallet through Bank Jago Syariah with the pressure of New Contact. If you have previously filled up your DANA e-Wallet balance to the same destination mobile number, you can choose the same destination mobile number as well.

9. Enter the destination cellphone number to top up the DANA e-Wallet balance, either to your own cellphone number or someone else’s cellphone which will be detected automatically to adjust the DANA e-Wallet account based on the destination cellphone number.

10. Enter the nominal to be top up for the DANA e-Wallet balance from the main pocket balance. After that, press Continue.

11. Before topping up the DANA e-Wallet balance, it is recommended that you first check the amount of DANA that has been entered, the remaining Main Pocket balance, and/or the destination mobile number. If the information data is appropriate and correct, then press Buy Now.

12. Enter the 6-digit PIN correctly and correctly to confirm before the transaction in topping up the DANA e-Wallet balance.

13. Wait for a while until the results of the transaction process appear in topping up credit. If the remaining balance in the Main Pocket has been reduced to the nominal credit, it indicates a successful purchase or top-up.



Even though you use Bank Jago Syariah, you can still carry out various financial transaction activities as needed, except for applying for a money loan on credit because Bank Jago Syariah currently does not provide services for loan money on credit so that your savings remain safe and secure as long as you are not careless due to sophistication. the service at Bank Jago Syariah.

This also includes making transactions to top up the DANA e-Wallet balance with the destination cellphone number through Bank Jago Syariah which is easy for those of you who are lazy (lazy to move) everywhere, even if you go to store counters that provide e-Wallet balance top up services. FUND or a very urgent need in an important matter.


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