How to Take Care of Lost and Damaged Land Certificates

How to Take Care of Lost and Damaged Land Certificates – What should you do if the land certificate is lost? Don’t worry, you can check out this article for a guide to managing landless permits!

Land certificates are important documents to prove land ownership. Therefore, you must maintain this important document like any other securities.

However, even if it is stored properly, what if something unexpected happens and the land certificate is lost? Is there a way to deal with lost land certificates?

The existence of documents such as land certificates is as important as a Building Permit (IMB). Of course, these two files must be owned by yourself and must not be damaged or lost. However, in some cases, unexpected events such as the loss of this document may occur. So what if this happens? If you lose this land document, there is no need to panic or be confused, immediately submit it to the relevant parties.

How to Take Care of Lost and Damaged Land Certificates

Land certificates are legal documents that prove ownership and rights of a person to land or land to ensure legal certainty.

If a land certificate is lost, you can apply for a new certificate replacement, according to Government Regulation No. 24 of 1997 on Land Registration.

Replacement of land certificates can only be made by the party whose name is listed as the holder of the land rights.

If the holder of land rights has died, then his heirs can apply for a replacement certificate by showing a letter of proof of heir, as stated in Article 57 paragraph (3) concerning Land Registration.

Is Your Land Certificate Damaged or Lost? This is the legal step

How to Take Care of Lost and Damaged Land Certificates

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1. The application must be accompanied by a statement of oath before the Head of the Land Office.

2. Announced once in one of the local daily newspapers before the replacement land certificate is issued.

3. Other parties may object to the issuance of a replacement certificate within a period of 30 days from the day of announcement.

4. If the objection raised is justified, the Head of the Land Office may refuse to issue a replacement certificate. Meanwhile, if the objection is unfounded, a replacement certificate can be issued.

5. The Head of the Land Office is obligated to announce a replacement certificate in one of the local daily newspapers financed by the applicant.

7 documents to prepare:

1. Application form that has been filled in and signed by the applicant or his/her proxy on stamp duty.

2. If needed, prepare a power of attorney.

3. Photocopy of the identity of the applicant, such as ID card and family card, as well as a power of attorney.

4. Photocopy of deed of establishment and legalization of legal entity which has been matched with the original by the counter officer.

5. Photocopy of lost or damaged certificate (if any).

6. A statement containing an oath by the right holder or voiding the land certificate.

7. Loss report certificate from local police for lost certificate.

The work to take care of lost land certificates can be completed in 40 working days at a cost of IDR 350,000 per certificate.

Meanwhile, for damaged certificates, the completion time is 19 working days at a cost of IDR 50,000 per certificate.

Negligence can be one of the causes of the loss of land certificates. This loss cannot be ignored, because uncertified land will inevitably be damaged in the future. So, what should I do if I lose my land certificate? Don’t worry, because there is a way to deal with lost land certificates through a series of procedures.

Are your land rights also lost with the loss of the certificate? Of course not, because basically the original land certificate that you hold is a copy of the land book kept by the Land Office or the National Land Agency (BPN) in the area where the land is located.

So much information about how to eliminate the cost of obtaining a land certificate. Although it takes a long time, how to take care of lost land certificates is still very easy. You just need to have a little patience during the process.


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