How to take care of a lost high school diploma without a photocopy

How to take care of a lost high school diploma without a photocopyCan diplomas be reprinted? – First of all, I apologize if I forget something or it turns out that the flow is different for each province. Diplomas are used to apply for jobs after completing education at schools and universities. However, there are still some people who do not realize the importance of diplomas, so they do not store them properly, resulting in damage or loss of certificates.

If your diploma / certificate is damaged or lost and cannot be used normally, it is best to look for it carefully. Because it’s complicated to take care of a lost or damaged diploma, because you have to prepare many conditions.

The following are the steps and requirements needed to deal with damaged or lost diplomas: When they finish their studies or university, especially when they get a diploma from a famous school or university, who is not proud. You study hard and get a prestigious degree. Graduation moments with parents and secret love must be unforgettable.

Of course, a diploma is a very important document and is very much needed when you continue your education to a higher level or apply for a job in the future. However, many people do not understand the importance of these files, so they are not stored properly, resulting in the loss or destruction of certificates. So, what about the lost diploma?

How to take care of a lost high school diploma without a photocopy

Lost reason

So in the past, POMNAS 2019 collected diplomas, ID cards (original) etc. using brown envelopes. Well, when the event was over, my official returned it back to me, but a month later I forgot to put it in the boarding house. Looking for it can’t find it either. Yes, sorry, I like to forget to put See-no-evil monkey

January last year I finally took care of the lost diploma:

1. First, make sure you have your FC diploma. I’m afraid you don’t have high school archives or they are lost.

You can fc 3-5 sheets.

Also prepare your fc ktp too.

2. Go to the city/district POLRES and ask for a letter of loss to be made.

Bring your ktp + fc

Bring your fc diploma too because you need your diploma number to write it down in the description.

After that go to your high school. To the administration room. Ask the plot + the conditions because maybe it’s different from me

In high school I used to say:

– Legalize FC diploma

– Print the student master book sheet (now this takes 2 photos (photo from junior high school + same photo in diploma)

In this main book, apart from the Doro data, on the back sheet there is an assessment report on student learning outcomes

Assessment of student learning outcomes (the value of your report card knowledge during school) {this is what takes a long time because of manual handwriting}.

– A letter from the principal of the school

– Fc Proof of taking diploma (sign if you have taken the diploma from your school)

– Statement of absolute responsibility (need stamp duty here)

– Ask the school to print the “Score List” its contents:



Subjects (average report cards + school exam scores)

Signed the principal and signed the head of your provincial education and culture office -cont

Because Central Java is divided into regions, the Banyumas residency is shown to

Head of Regional Education Office Branch IX

You don’t have to think because your high school will help you with this problem

For Banyumas residency, the office is in Banjarnegara. Precisely across from SMK N 1 Bawang

Besides that, ask your high school to make a “Certificate of Substitution of Diploma” there is the sign of the principal + head of the branch as well.

For this letter, please provide a 3×4 black and white photo that is the same as in your diploma/test. New on the high school stamp.

I think it’s all triple.

So prepare the 3×4 photo as needed.

So what if you change the form of the diploma? Is it the same as before?

The answer is NO. Your diplomas change to sheets of letters that have the information you took care of earlier.

– Suket replacement diploma
– Score list
– Statement of absolute responsibility

– Police lost letter

– legalized FC diploma

Here’s a photo (copy of it) that I mentioned earlier

A certificate from the principal explaining that we have a certificate with a serial number so when did we take the diploma?

Fc proof of diploma taking. those who have our TU, just just fc.


it contains identity + value of 6 semesters report card

Later, fill in one, then when it is complete, it will be duplicated into 3.

Middle school photo above, photo from high school / grade 3 / in the diploma below

– Fc Diploma + Legalized

– Letter of loss from the police

– Stamped statement of absolute responsibility

– List of grades on the sign + stamp of the principal and the head of the branch of the education office that takes care of the high school level

Certificate of replacement for a stamped diploma

Hope it is useful. You can go to high school to ask questions, maybe there are different paths + conditions.

But so that Ringkes can ask for a letter of loss first to the police if you already have an FC and a diploma that has been legalized.

Anyone can lose their diploma due to negligence. Not only lost, natural disasters such as floods or landslides can also make diplomas incomplete or damaged. Well, when the diploma is lost, you can be responsible for issuing the SKPI or diploma / certificate in place of a valid diploma. SKPI is an example of replacing a lost diploma and legally replacing your diploma. Remember to replace your diploma.

A few ways to take care of a lost high school diploma without a photocopy


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