How to Tag Many People on Twitter at Once

How to Tag Many People on Twitter at Once – Welcome to Sorry if for example the language and articles are messy.

When you create Twitter, you will also create a username. The purpose of this username is to make it easier for you to interact with anyone on Twitter. Just add your username and you can easily pass on the information to someone.

The activity when tagging an account username on Twitter is mention. If you tag an account, they will receive a notification on their account.

They will also tag you. For some people, Twitter is not as popular as Instagram. However, from Twitter, we know several terms, such as tags, mentions, hashtags, etc. Although the term is now used in other applications, Twitter is still the pioneer of the term.

In this modern era, every moment and thought can be recorded not only in memory, but also through social media. Twitter is one of the many service sites that dominates the social networking market with millions of users.

Twitter is unique, you only have 280 characters to express your thoughts or make your tweet via add tweet. maybe Twitter was created for direct communication.

How to Tag Many People on Twitter? Twitter is a social media app that has been around for years. This application was launched on July 15, 2006 and continues to be maintained until now.

Although there are several other applications such as Instagram and Facebook, the existence of Twitter still cannot be ignored. There are also many users, even artists and officials still use Twitter.

For account owners whose usernames are listed in this article, I hope you will please include their usernames.

This is the result of me fiddling with Microsoft Word, so I’m sorry if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

How to Tag Many People on Twitter at Once


1. Laptop/PC (MANDATORY!) : mine is Windows 7

2. Microsoft Word (MANDATORY!) : mine 2013

3. Mobile (optional because it’s only for opening a tag booth, you can do it on a laptop)

For Mac and Microsoft versions < 2013, I don't know if it works or not, but it should.

Windows Tutorials:

1. You test the waves first, open the tag booth either at the base, or anywhere in the tweet. Until rep people use their username.

How to Tag Many People on Twitter at Once

It doesn’t matter if there are additional images or words other than the username.

2. If there are many people who have rep on the tag booth, you open the tweet from your laptop/pc, then open it Microsoft Word.

Usually I like multi tab-in to make it easy. (split)

3. Now, in Microsoft Word, you just type @ as much as possible. I’m usually made vertical, then just copy and paste a lot.

4. If there are enough @s, all you have to do is drag the tag requesting username to the existing @, like this:

The only thing that can be dragged is the username with the blueprint because it means it’s in the form of a link. Well, just continue until the end.

5. After you have entered the username, you block all or select all or CTRL+A (BLOCK ALL) if on windows.

6. Then, you click HOME > REPLACE. So it will look like this:

7. In column FIND WHAT, you fill it with ( ) exactly as I wrote this but without the brackets and spaces.

8. In column REPLACE WITH, you guys empty it, don’t fill it with anything. Then, you click REPLACE ALL. All the windows that appear you click YES just.

9. ALREADY! It’s just the username, you can directly copy it and paste it on Twitter. If you want to see how many accounts you’ve tagged, just press the numbering button.

10. You just copy all the usernames and then paste them on Twitter, then they’ll be tagged directly to the person (as long as he doesn’t change his username).

Mac Tutorials:

Well, here I realized on a Mac it can be even faster to do the steps that I have outlined in that article.

Here the Mac device that I use is the MacBook Air 2020 M1.

But maybe this step can also make the latest Windows devices. I don’t know for sure though.

The combination of software required is:

Google Chrome & Microsoft Word

I’ve tried a combination with Safari-Notes, Safari-Word, Chrome-Safari, or with the twitter app on a mac. But Google Chrome & Microsoft Word are the fastest.

The steps are not very different from the old article, but if it could be faster.


1. Multi tab-in Chrome and Word

2. The word is left blank, continue directly Just drag the username from Chrome to Word. Very fast, right?

3. No need to use replace words at all, just drag drag and then you can copy and paste directly if it’s arranged.

I hope this article is useful and can help you guys!

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the rep column in your head, or just dm them. And if for example I don’t answer, it means I don’t know

oh yes, I usually use this method because I usually tag about hundreds of accounts. only if there are thousands of people asking for tags… yes, I’m tired of dragging thousands of accounts

I’ll try to find a more effective way to tag more accounts later

That’s all for this article, sorry if the language is a bit convoluted. Happy working!

If anyone has any questions, you can qrt or dm me!

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