How to spam blog posts to twitter

IT People Blog – With just 5 – 10 minutes, the 5 day old blog that you just created already has statistics on hundreds of blog impressions per day, something that is easy for even small children to do, spam tricks for new blogs that want to be famous, this can be done to boost traffic to your blog quickly using twitter.

Twitter is one of the social media that in real time displays the trending topic hashtags next to it, and we will play spam by riding on the trending twitter topics.

trending topic hashtags

Why twitter? because here the rules are not as strict as Facebook, there is no excessive URL block like Facebook. The steps are easy, just make a tweet and add a trending topic below it. Wait 5 minutes to finish tweeting 10 times, want more? Every 5 hours tweet with another topic trending hashtag.

Below are the steps to start your first spam. First open your blog, then copy the link to the article that will be shared on Twitter. Because the blog link is long and there are also character restrictions on Twitter, please shorten the link first using

Now your job is only to make interesting tweets or statuses (blog promos) followed by hashtags from trending topics that are currently being discussed, sort from the first trending topic to 10, and don’t forget to give something different in the promo sentence, usually the exact same tweet. repeatedly will be hit by twitter block, just a little different.

This way alone the results are good, I usually only do it once a day and it only takes 5 minutes, plus if you are not satisfied, you can share it to the facebook group and do other practices. Also make sure to use sentences that catch people’s attention. With so many new visitors coming to our blog, the position of the blog on Google will also be even better.

If your blog uses English, you can search for hashtags that use English. For example, use this keyword on google and visit

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