How to spam blog posts to instagram

IT People Blog – Instagram is more “worse”, there are almost no blocking rules as long as the link in your Instagram bio doesn’t contain forbidden scripts. And that’s also one of the drawbacks, namely that you can only display the blog link in the bio or if you can’t wait to get a direct visit, you can still write the link in a direct message.

Almost no blocking does not mean no blocking at all, just much looser than Facebook and Twitter, you can even create multiple Instagram accounts on the same smartphone and the same email.

The spam pattern is still the same as Twitter, which uses hashtags, but this time you can use hashtags that match the article you created or the target person you want to see your article. Because there are no character restrictions like Twitter, you can more freely add how many hashtags and the number of words.

If on Twitter we use the help of trends24 to find realtime trending, on Instagram you can use the help of,, or you can with to find popular trends or actually you can do it manually, because every time we start writing hashtags on Instagram, it will automatically display how many people are using the same hashtag.

Before starting to search for hashtags, create at least 3 Instagram accounts today, create 3 more tomorrow and create more accounts in the future. The goal, this account will help popularize your Instagram posts by spamming comments on Instagram posts that you make to promote blog article links.

For example, you use Instagram A and make a post with an additional hashtag, and because this account is relatively new, getting lots of likes and comments is a difficult thing, while likes and comments are important requirements for the posts you make popular and seen by many people, then the steps you need to do are, open account B and comment, open account C and comment.

And so on, and in each account, you can leave 5-10 comments containing “thank you” or whatever word you like, the important thing is that there are lots of them. If you’re still using the same email for multiple IG accounts, you don’t even need to verify all of your emails, create it now and 5 minutes later you’re done with profile photos and following a few people, besides that, you can actually do this right away on a new account. 5 minutes made, but it would be nice to make it look natural, try to wait a day and start practicing instagram spam on your account the next day.

Meanwhile, to get additional likes, you need to buy Instagram likes if you want to get lots of likes quickly, because we can’t create 100 Instagram accounts at once just to like our own Instagram posts on other accounts.

The first practice, start by looking for hashtags according to your posts.

1. With Tagsfinder

Go to, navigate to the search field and for example, type in game you will find lots of suggested hashtags to use Or if you want to earn more, use other features of tagsfinder, such as statistics, related hashtags and similar hashtags.

With Tagsfinder

In related hashtags, you will find popular and top 30 hashtags. Use all available features to get more hashtags.

2. With best hashtags has the same way with tagsfinder, namely by writing down the keyword hashtags you want to search for, and here we will be presented with New Hastags and Best Hastags.

With best hashtags

Although the results displayed are not so realtime, but this is quite helpful.

3. With all hashtags

Go to and find the hashtags you like

With all hashtags

4. With

It’s actually a keyword search tool for blog articles based on what people usually search for on google, bing and youtube. But they also provide hashtags for instagram. How to use it is the same, write the topic you want to search for the hashtag


The spam step on Instagram is actually quite easy, or maybe you could say the easiest. After finding a suitable hashtag, create a post and add your hashtag as much as possible below it, invite people to see the link in the bio and increase its popularity by multiplying comments using your other accounts.


1. Create posts + hashtags with account A

2. Buy likes

3. Login to account B, leave a comment

4. Login to account C, leave a comment

5. And so on

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