How to spam blog posts to facebook

IT People Blog – Facebook spam this time is not through the facebook group but through the “share” feature on facebook. In essence, you will find a facebook account with lots of shares then comment directly to those who share the facebook account post.

If possible, look for “recently” shared ones, because then they are likely to be active and visit your blog as soon as they are commented on. Because sharing blog links brutally is a form of violation, there are tips you can do so that your blog link is not penalized, even though in fact if the target number of comments that we write is also excessive the result is the same as being blocked, you can immediately write a blog link in the column comments step by step.

First, find the fanpage you want to spam comments from. It doesn’t have to be on the same topic as your article, look for one that is shared a lot, for example 100 times shared. Below is an example of a fanpage that is shared in large numbers.

How to spam posts

Click on 7 times share and once it opens, write your comments sequentially to the person who shared the post. Give your link directly or point it to your facebook profile, with the aim that the link you share is not blocked by facebook.

spam blog posts to facebook

You can look for fanpages that do giveaways or big fanpages (artists, products or other big websites) that regularly share posts. Actually, you don’t have to look for those that are shared thousands of times, the most important thing is to get additional traffic quickly, look for new posts that many people have also “just” shared posts from the big fanpage or at least are still being shared on the same day.

While the reason why fanpage posts that are shared thousands of times are recommended, it’s because we don’t need to look for other fanpages, just focus on one post and we can save time.

If finding people who “recently” shared it seems difficult, then people who haven’t shared it for a long time can also be an option

This is a safer spam method, because we don’t share the link directly, but invite people to visit our profile and click on the link. Of course, to make this happen, you must first make a post on your Facebook, so that later people who respond to your comments will visit your Facebook profile and click on the link to the article you wrote.

safer way to spam

Also comment to the person below or find another fanpage that you like. More is better, but be careful, take it slow and take breaks. For example, you have given 10 comments, after that you can take a break and comment again 1 hour later.

This is where it is important that you have many Facebook accounts, when 1 account has spammed 10 comments, you can simply open another Facebook account in another browser and spam 10 more comments, and so on. More accounts are safer than you just spamming on Facebook with the same 1 account, besides that it will also be faster because the process you do alternately, and you don’t have to wait 1 hour for the next spam, just move to another account

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