How to Sort Data in Sheets on WPS Office PC


Sorting data is done to make it easier to read numeric data in a range, starting from the smallest to the largest or vice versa, lowest to highest or vice versa, from A to Z or vice versa, and sorting other data.

For example, you make a class ranking in a school based on the highest semester exam scores, then you can use the Ascending Sorting feature or the ranking of free college scholarship recipients based on the lowest parental income, then you can use the Descending Sorting feature in one or more ranges. without needing to be recompiled manually in WPS Office PC.

For example, you make data collection in receiving free college scholarships from all prospective students who have registered on the ABCXYZ campus which will be taken from the highest final score (accumulated from file selection scores, supporting scores, plus interview scores) to receive the scholarship as many as 10 prospective students with highest final grade predicate.

However, the use of Sorting data based on the format or description of the time produces an inverse such as Ascending (Oldest to Fastest) or Descending (Fastest to Oldest) in the Spreadsheet.

If you haven’t installed the WPS Office Desktop application on your PC or laptop, then you can download the WPS Office Desktop application here.

The author provides a tutorial for sorting data in WPS Office Spreadsheets, either Ascending or Descending in one range on one sheet. Here the author has made a subject value of 10 student data which you can see in the steps section.


1. Activate the WPS Office application on your laptop or PC.

2. Choose to create a new document or an existing document.

3. Make the contents of the data value of the subject as much as 10 student data.

4. Block one of the ranges of subject values ​​that you want to sort student data on.

5. Right Click >>> Sort >>> Choose the type of sorting you want.

6. Click Sort.

7a. The following is the result of sorting the data starting with the highest value.

7b. The following is the result of sorting the data starting with the lowest value.



You can sort data based on values ​​or criteria that suit your needs to make it easier for readers to read the results of your reports or worksheets on WPS Office PC, especially Spreadsheets. This tutorial can be applied on desktop devices such as your PC (computer) or laptop with the WPS Office office application installed.

To sort data based on the format or information of time such as date of birth, age, and so on, the sorting of the data results in the opposite, such as Ascending (Oldest – Fastest or Oldest – Youngest) or Descending (Fastest – Oldest or Youngest – Oldest) on the Spreadsheet .


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