How to Solve APK Not Installed Due to Full Storage Without Clearing Data

How to Solve APK Not Installed Due to Full Storage Without Clearing Data -One of the reasons the app doesn’t install in the default location is because it doesn’t match the default storage. For example, if you want to install the Whatsapp application, this application must be installed on the internal storage, but your default is saved on the external storage or SD card. So in this case, Google Play Store won’t install.

Therefore we need a way to solve this problem, namely the application cannot be installed in the default installation location. However, the installation may not work properly for other reasons.

But with advanced features, there are also many problems. When we want to download applications on the Google Play Store, we often experience problems, both games and applications are not installed (errors) until the apk does not respond.

When this happens to us, of course we want to know what exactly is causing the application to stop or not install on our Android phone. Well, in this post, we will review why and how to easily and quickly solve applications that are not installed on Android.

This problem is actually not far off if the app fails to download because most of the Android phone’s internal storage system is full or congested. Therefore, this app is difficult to install on Android OS, or we can’t install the app on Play Store due to small disk space.

This time we will discuss several ways to fix applications that are not installed. After listening, don’t forget to comment if it succeeds or fails. Technology develops so rapidly from time to time. As technology develops, tons of cool features are added to Android devices every day. Modern Android devices have a lot of capabilities. This is useful for different situations.

How to Solve APK Not Installed Due to Full Storage Without Clearing Data

How to download an apk that can’t be installed because the storage is full without deleting other apks.

First of all, I’m really sorry if this article is messy. Please understand, beginners wkwk

Before going to the steps, you have to make sure in your play store that the Apk that you want to download can’t be downloaded, aka failed, like this:

1. The first step;

You immediately open Chrome, then search/write then you press the top of the cake like this:

2. Second step;

All you have to do is press the search button at the top right. Then you look for the Apk that you want to download (eg Viu Korean Drama) Then you press download, like this:

3. Third step;

After you press download, something will appear like it reads like that, then you press OK like the one drawn like this:

4. The final step;

You just have to wait for the download and install as usual.

Hopefully useful n good luck

Full memory is of course the main reason you can’t install apps, because if your phone’s storage is full, the new apps you want to install don’t have space in memory.

Android is an open-source operating system that allows users to freely modify, including uninstalling applications. Installing and uninstalling apps is one of the things that Android users usually do. In this way, Android users can download the apps they like and delete the apps they don’t like or use less often.

If you frequently install and uninstall applications, there are times when the application is not installed. Usually there is a reason if the application is not installed, because if there is a reason there are consequences…hehe. For people who often experience this problem, they must be confused about why and how to solve it?

So many ways to solve APK not installed because storage is full without deleting data


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