How to Show HP Screen to Computer or Laptop

In this video we will learn to display or project the display on our cellphone screen to a computer or laptop. In addition to displaying the image or video, we can also bring it up at once with the sound. The application used is the default application from Windows, so we just have to activate it.

How to Show HP Screen to Computer or Laptop

Welcome to IT People Blog. In this post I will share a tutorial on sharing the screen of a cellphone/smartphone screen to a computer/laptop along with the audio without additional devices such as an HDMI Dongel, here I use the default Windows 10 feature, namely “Projecting to this PC

This tutorial can only be applied to a computer or laptop with the Windows 10 operating system, if you use a desktop computer, make sure there is a wireless LAN device, while for laptop users, wireless LAN is included so that the laptop can connect to the internet via a wifi network.

Steps that need to be prepared;

1. Prepare a laptop or computer which will later bring up the sharescreen/display of the smartphone screen

2. Install the wireless display by the way;

– Open start > type settings > go to system menu

Showing HP Screen to Computer

– In the Settings view, scroll down and enter the “Projecting to this PC” > in the right window click command “Optional features” (ignore if the settings below are locked / disabled because you have never set the settings for sharingscreen projects to a PC)

– Click on the plus button “+ Add a feature” > in the search field find a available optional feature type “Wireless display” > please click to install

Showing HP Screen to Computer2

– The installation process is a bit long, please be patient until the installation process is complete marked with the status “Installed

Displaying HP Screen to Computer3

– Click the X button in the upper right corner to exit

3. Return to window Projecting to this PC let me explain one by one the features that were previously inactive are now active after you install “Wireless Display

Just leave the settings default, on ask to project to this PC choose Every time a connection request

Then on require PIN select never because every authentication later we don’t need to enter a PIN

Well, the important part here is This PC can be discovered for projection only when its plugged into a power source.. if it is activated (on) the computer/laptop can only display the screen of the cellphone when it is in a state of being charged, while if the status is off (off), it means that it can display the screen of the cellphone both when it is charging and when it is not being charged (just choose off)

Displaying HP Screen to Computer4

On PC name show the identity of your computer, please if you want to change it … in this tutorial I named it “Helmy”

4. Make sure your computer/laptop and cellphone/smartphone are connected to the same wifi network

5. Up here, our computer/laptop is ready to display the sharescreen from the smartphone device

6. To start it click on the start button > there should be a newly installed application named “connect” > please click to run

Displaying HP Screen to Computer5

7. Now we continue on setting up smartphones/mobile phones, I think even though the brands of HP are different, the method is almost the same > click settings > connection and sharing > show wireless > change the status to on > find the SSID name of your laptop, for example Helmy then click connect

Displaying HP Screen to Computer6

Displaying HP Screen to Computer7

8. After successfully connected automatically the display screen of your cellphone will appear in the connect application window on your computer/laptop windows, try playing the video then the sound of the video is also played by the speakers of the laptop/computer

Displaying HP Screen to Computer8

Here’s a video tutorial showing a cellphone screen to a laptop without installing additional applications;

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How to solve error notification “we are trying to determine the feature capabilities“on the window”Projecting to this PC“?

In the start window type “Apps & Features”> then select “Optional Features” the green one in the picture

Displaying HP Screen to Computer or Laptop

Scroll down and find “Wireless Display” then click uninstall

Displaying HP Screen to Computer or Laptop2

After uninstalling “Wireless Display”, scroll to the top and click the “Add a feature” button, please reinstall the wireless display

Displaying HP Screen to Computer or Laptop3

This is an article on how to share screen or display a cellphone screen on a PC or laptop computer without installing additional applications quickly and easily. Hopefully what I post can be useful. That is all and thank you


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