How to Shoot UTBK Answers by Blocking

How to Shoot UTBK Answers By Blocking – Who is sure that they are ready for UTBK, or those who are already desperate? Ha ha. Sorry sorry, last question was not to tell you. I’m asking this question from personal experience, usually not during exams, but I seem to have lost first. already desperate The implementation of the UTBK SBMPTN is getting closer.

In addition to practicing problems, participants must develop strategies to solve problems well. There are so many UTBK SBMPTN questions that cannot be done carelessly, because the time given must be used properly.

When facing the UTBK SBMPTN questions, the time allotted runs out and participants often choose to “shoot” the answers or guesses so that all the questions can be solved. The first time I did the UTBK SBMPTN question, I didn’t do it, when it was time I could work on the questions and answer them, couldn’t answer them, I got dizzy and I stopped.

This will work if we have a basic shot. If we shoot randomly, it’s called gambling. I don’t recommend this. You can also look for photography tips from several blogs on the internet. Again, this is purely the author’s personal experience. It should be realized that while the current UTBK rules do not assign negative scores to incorrectly answered questions, they do affect the weight of the question points.

If the question is considered difficult, the items are heavy because the responses of the participants’ answers are very diverse. This is beneficial for participants who answer correctly (see previous article on the concept of IRT). Second, if we narrow down the answer choices we want to capture, the capture will be effective. That is, we are playing with probabilities.

If there are 5 answer choices, then every time we answer as long as possible, there is only a 20% chance or 1 in 5 correct. My tips, if we are going to shoot, try to get a minimum 50% chance of being right, which is only 2 of 5 answer choices

How to Shoot the Blocked UTBK Answer Strategy

Honestly, just for saving notes, but if you want to save or share, you can

1. Mr. Franz’s method~

-Find Multiple Choices that have a lot in common

-If there is a question of order, choose the number with the most number

– Quiet Block: out of 20 questions, the answer that has been filled in at least is an option to block the rest of the questions

– Crowded block: out of 20 questions, the answer with the most is the choice for blocking

Example: from 20 questions,

A has 1, B has 2, C has 4, D has 5

then, to fill in the blank questions

-Quiet Block select A

-Block Crowded choose D

Suggestion: consistently choose between B/C/D because most of the questions are to use that option rather than A/E

2. Mr. Sugeng’s method~

It’s the same as Mr. Franz, but here it is emphasized that you choose B all

Other Sources: (which has been UTBK/Tiktok)

-MTK B, Physics B/C, Chemistry B/C, Biology C

-Bing C or per paragraph containing several questions, for example text 1 1-5 B, text 2 6-10 C and so on

-Soshum: use feeling / shoot C or D / look for options that you think are familiar, don’t choose if you are foreign

The difference between a quiet block and a busy block

An example of a quiet block, the answer with the least A is only 1, while the other options have 2, so for the blank question in the answer block, it’s also A (which I’m discussing)

Likewise, the crowded block is the opposite, choose the one with the most answered options

How to Shoot UTBK Answers By Blocking

If the block is busy, if it’s empty, it’s still a lot, right?

It depends, but I guess that’s what I’m waiting for, the followers of the block are busy hehehe

Just use the method of eliminating the answer, you count and keep looking for the closest answer, come back again, shoot the answer, you can use it or not, go back to yourself, the most effective way is to study


it seems that the question maker already knows that the firing system by equating the current answers is no longer useful, because what I see about the problem is that the answer is a lot of distractors, even though the correct answer is the answer that is not the same as the other answers (not related to other answers) and if you want to block answers, such as answering b, all c, all of that, I see most of the answer keys are random (I’ve looked at the answer keys for the 2021 Saintek) basically the question maker already knows the tactics of the participants for UTBK


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